What show featured a truck that transformed into a helicopter?
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LameTvQuestionFilter: I've been trying to remember a very short-lived 80s tv show. In it, a government project centered around an enhanced tractor trailer (yes, really) that could transform into a helicopter (yes, really).

I don't remember all that much else about it, except that the truck also had a 'cloaked' or 'stealth' mode, which they would radio (good buddy) their bosses for permission to use, and which involved satellites for some reason.
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most definitly The Highwayman, starring Flash Gordon ... err, Sam Jones
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I haven't thought of the Highwayman in, well, decades! I watched the pilot, hoping it would be Knightrider with a helecopter, but it was lame, lame, lame. More on the truck here.
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/me thirds it. Featured the guy from the Energizer commercials.
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Ahhhhh, that's a relief. It's been driving me crazy off and on for a while now... asking my friends about the show just gets the standard "he's obviously off his meds today" response.

As an eight year old, I loved it, of course. Looking back, it seems like they were a few years too late to capitalize on that BJ and the Bear style of truck lovin.

Thanks for the awesome responses, guys.
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Glen A. Larson... Now there's a surprise...
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