two jobs, one business: yes or no?
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Is it kosher to apply for two positions at the same place at the same time?

I am very interested in two positions at a university. I have to apply through their online application system, as opposed to just emailing resumes to that position's hiring manager. Is sending two applications within a couple days of each other a real no-no? They'll ultimately end up with different people, but will the HR person who sees them first just toss them because it's a huge faux pas?
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I tend to think that's fine; my (academic) department interviewed the same person for multiple positions within the department.
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I think that's fine. I work at a University that is a major local employer and people's applications come from HR showing what other positions they have applied for. Almost everyone has applied for several and some people for quite a lot but at least in my area we don't pay any attention to it. I applied for over 100 job postings here before finally getting hired.
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No, it should be fine. You'll probably want to make sure that your cover letter -- and possibly resume -- is carefully tailored to each position, though, just to make it clear that your approach is thoughtful rather than scattershot. Good luck!
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nth-ing OK. We have people do this at my workplace fairly regularly, and I've never heard anyone comment on it negatively, when I've served on hiring committees.

There are some polite fictions that must be maintained, when job-seeking (no one ever leaves a current job because it flat-out sucks and the boss is a lunatic, for one), but, thankfully, this doesn't seem to be one of them. That is, you are allowed to imply that you know that you may not get one job, but may be a strong candidate for another.
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Another +1 from a university - happens a lot.
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For large organizations, such as a university, it is fine. Less so for a smaller organization where everyone knows everyone else.
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This is how I got my job at the university. If a hiring manager even notices, I think it would show that you are just really interested in working at their institution -- a good thing!
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Do it!
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I'm currently looking for a new gig, and I sent a university three applications in as many days for similar positions. Their online application service is even set up to help you do this, so you can select which versions of your resume and which cover letter get attached to each application.
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