Help me identify this song... Pet Sounds + Joni Mitchell = ?
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Help me find a song! It was on Sirius radio on July 23, between 10am and 3pm mountain time. It was a female singer singing over what sounded like a very Pet Sounds-like arrangement. She sounded like Joni Mitchell to me. (Maybe it was Joni Mitchell!) The song also sounded very familiar. I thought it was Both Siders, Now, but I listened to that song again and that's just guitar. This song sounded just a little more upbeat, more poppy, but equally as beautiful. Any ideas?
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Best answer: Is it possible you heard the Judy Collins version of Both Sides? It is much more upbeat than the Mitchell version, and has a pretty lush set of instruments behind her singing.
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You might try searching here. The only version of Both Sides Now played during that time was a version by Ronnie Aldrich.
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Long shot, but could it be Vashti Bunyan – Train Song? She's an English singer-songwriter from the 60s/70s. Her music is experiencing a resurgence these days, so her songs are popping up in ads, etc. Wouldn't be surprised if she were on Sirius.
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Laura Marling reminds me a lot of Joni Mitchell, and is getting a lot of play in Australia. Which may be completely useless, as I don't know anything about Sirius.
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what sirius station?
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Response by poster: Yup, Judy Collins. Thanks, bubukaba. That Vashti Bunyan song is good too.
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