Soap stain on leather
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How to remove savon noir from leather?

I just received a package of wonderful Morroccan gifts, including a teal leather "poof" footstool-like thing and a jar of savon noir. Unfortunately the jar had cracked and the soap leaked on the leather. Google does not provide a conclusive answer regarding what's in the soap but it seems to be made of oils rather than detergent-like substances. Any tips on how to remove it from the leather?

When I wiped off the excess soap with a paper towel, it lifted a little of the teal dye, so it's clear the leather isn't color-fast. The soap stain is in a very visible spot so I'll have to be careful. Thank you!
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What's the leather finish like? Smooth or more like suede. Any embroidery or the like?

Soap is, by definition, water soluble. If you keep wiping the whole thing down with a wet rag, like your cleaning it with saddle soap, that should, eventually, even things out and hide the stain.
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Response by poster: It's smooth leather, with a design stitched into the part with the stain (not really embroidered).

I'll try the damp rag carefully to avoid messing up the dye. Thank you!
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worst-case scenario: you need to re-color a section of the's never going to be perfect, but try this technique: using a paint pen or acrylic paint that matches as closely as possible, dab a tiny bit on where the dye is missing, and, while it's still wet, blot most of it off with a paper towel (ie: just staining it lightly with color), repeat when dry until it blends in smoothly...
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I was able to remove pink hair dye from a white leather couch using hairspray. sounds crazy, but it worked - you may want to google it to be sure, and definitely test the hairspray on the underside or somewhere that doesn't show first
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