Blueberries on EVERYTHING!
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Help me enjoy my awesome blueberry preserves.

I have two jars of blueberry preserves (Ikea and some german stuff), but I can't seem to figure out what else to use it on. So far I have preserves on buttermilk Eggo waffles with cream cheese. I plan on trying it in/on steel-cut oats, but what else? It doesn't sound good to have a PB&J with blueberries. I'm kind of looking toward breakfast-y solutions, and I'm sure that dessert is an obvious option, so any suggestions there would also be welcome. Thanks!
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Toasted English muffins with butter. I'm not normally a huge fan of English muffins, but with butter and blueberry jam? Can't get enough. Well, I can, but begrudgingly.
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Use it with cream cheese as a stuffing for crepes.

I just love blueberry jam on buttered toast. Mmmm.

You could also use it as a filling for between layers in a yellow or white cake. Or dripped all over some Angel Food cake.
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Maybe blueberry turnovers? I'd replace the fresh blueberries and sugar with your preserves.

Or make Danish and use that in the center. That would be delicious, as well.
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Definitely English muffins, and maybe as a topping for vanilla ice cream?
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Over yogurt, layered with granola, a breakfast parfait.
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Response by poster: Fantastic! Keep 'em coming!
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Popovers. Game over man, game over.
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Thumbprint cookies with blueberry preserves in the middle!

I am envious of your surfeit!
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Heat some up in the microwave (it gets hot quick), stir in a bit of butter, and spread/pour on top of pancakes.
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Get some toast, a toasted bagel, or (best) a toasted english muffin. Get some (goat or other soft-type) cheese. Smoosh the cheese and blueberry preserves together and spread on the muffin. Cram into mouth. Repeat as necessary.
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I like crumb bars - basically a shortbread crust, then a layer of jam, then crumbs on top. Easier than it sounds. Something like this would work - your favorite cookbook or baking site likely has something similar.
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Homemade biscuits -- eaten hot, with lots of butter.
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My number one secret trick with excellent preserves/jellies/jams: use them to make a pan sauce for chicken or pork.

After searing, I remove the meat, deglaze the pan with a bit of wine and/or broth, and then whisk in a little of the preserves with a bit of good mustard. Let it simmer to thicken a bit and then pour it back over your meat. Heaven! And it works best with fruits that are more tart to begin with (cranberry and elderberry are my go-to) so blueberry should be sublime.
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I top cheese blintzes with blueberry preserves. If you don't feel like making blintzes they sell a decent version at TJs.
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I buy lovely high-fat (10%!) plain yoghurt and dump on various preserves; it's a much nicer way to deal with yoghurt flavouring than letting the yoghurt people do it for you. And a blast of muesli on top does make a nice 'breakfast parfait' as mentioned; we had cherry here this morning.

The rest goes on top of vanilla ice cream, sometimes with sliced banana and whipped cream.
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A crostata of course.
When I'm lazy, I use Pillsbury sugar cookie dough, from the refrigerated case, but everybody really prefer this pate sucree for the crust. Regardless, after the crust is baked spread it with your jam that has been warmed in the microwave to make it more spreadable. Top it with a lot of fresh blueberries.
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nthing English Muffins
Golden brown
Salted butter slapped on the moment they emerge from the toaster
Blueberry jam spread on top the moment the butter has melted and stirred together eeever so slightly.
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that might be good for glazing ham.
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Personally I love PB&J with blueberry preserves. Also good is Almond butter and blueberry preserves or cashew butter with blueberry preserves.

Or if you don't like that open you can make these blueberry muffins and follow the blueberry jam step at the bottom using your preserves instead of making the jam from fresh berries.
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*option not open :(
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Top a Dutch Baby with your blueberry jam!
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Stirred into unsweetened, pot-set Greek yoghurt. Yum!
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ThaBombShelterSmith: "It doesn't sound good to have a PB&J with blueberries."

Why not? I think it sounds awesome. Though I would probably try it as
- peanut butter, blueberry jam, cream cheese (for some richness and tartness)
- peanut butter, blueberry jam, marshmallow fluff (for additional sweetness)

My dessert suggestion: Pavlova

Also, I have some homemade strawberry preserves. My favorite thing to eat it on? A spoon.
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