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Photoshopfilter: I am making a figure for publication in a science journal. Is there a software or cellular components package that I could use to build diagrams of cells with mitochondria, organelles, receptors and signaling pathways? I am looking to make a schematic that look similar to this (click figures/tables to see it) that I can alter. Is there a components package I could use to build these without making it all from scratch?

A similar questions was addressed previously, but that was six years ago.
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I would wager that that particular diagram was probably created in something like Visio, which comes with pre-made pieces.

Here's a short Wiki list of software that can be used for diagram creation. Personally, I would use Adobe Illustrator, but the learning curve is probably steeper than you want to get into, especially since you're asking for pre-built components.
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If you know how to use a vector-friendly program, I would trawl iStock for component parts. There will be slim pickings but I'd rather build off this than draw it from scratch.
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Adobe Illustrator, Deneba Canvas, OmniGraffle and Inkscape are all good illustration tools. OmniGraffle, in particular, supports stencils that extend the illustration palette. One such stencil is molecular-biology-themed.
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chembiodraw works fairly well, but it is really pricey unless your institute has a site license.

There is a 2 week free trial so if you export everything to png's which it supports it should work.

Download Here
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