Free or cheap market / state of industry overviews for EU / Europe?
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Can you help me find some free or modestly-priced online reports on the state of the publishing, recorded music, film + photo agencies / picture archives industries in the EU?

The types of industries you might call media / publishing content creation and supply chain...?

I'm interested in market research but I think what I am seeking more precisely might be a "state of the industry" report, detailing numbers and sizes of companies, typical supply/value chains, economic size of industry sub-sectors.

The countries are all EU countries plus any "other European" - ideally I'd like a fairly detailed breakdown.

It would be great if this sort of thing could be sourced from a publically funded or industry-wide funded research institute so it might be freely available...!

I'm hoping to use it for a piece of publically-funded research so the value will go back into society (also hence I want to keep it cheap).

Posting anon as I realise I may be looking for commercial data, but I will MeMail anyone who seems worth contacting.

Thanks in advance!
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I think you may struggle to find such a comprehensive piece of data, you may be better off searching the various public bodies that monitor the industries in each individual country (though they are likely to have different agencies for each of the three industries).

For film, here's the EC's info page of studies relating to the film/TV/cinema industry, however the slant is toward film preservation and exhibition across the EU rather than production:
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This textbook has some of what you need... and it's cheap:
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Photo and stock/archival agencies tend to be global--ThoughtEquity sells BBC footage and news footage, for example. Associate Press reps Sky News footage. EPA, Getty and Corbis sell stills from all over. Historical archives are usually state-run, attached to museums or universities.
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