Email Debacle!!!!
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Multiple email addresses using Apple email on MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.6.5....what's the deal-e-o?

Friend has 3 separate email addresses set up in Apple mail on her MacBook Pro. One is her ISP, and two are business ventures. Intermittently, the two business accounts stop sending OUTGOING email. When I look at it and run the 'Connection Doctor' in Apple Mail, each account passes. It happens a little more from her house than her office. What can be the issue? I host one of the businesses on my reseller web space and have verified all is good from my side. HELLLLP! Could the routers/wireless points be at fault? Just doesn't make sense...
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How did you "verif[y] all is good from [your] side" exactly? How is your SMTP server configured? Does it require authentication? Is it using a default port which may be blocked by her ISP?
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Response by poster: I logged into CPANEL/WHM to verify space issues, error logs. Blocked port suggestions is! Thanks!
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Best answer: If her ISP is blocking port 25, some hosts will do SMTP on port 2525 as a workaround. You could try specifying that.

Another thing to check: My host has a relay server that recognizes and authorizes my IP address for 10 minutes after I check mail. If I have Mail set to check every 15 minutes, there will be a 5 minute window where the SMTP server will reject the messages. This could cause what seems like an intermittent failure. You could try setting Mail check more frequently.
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I've had a number of similar problems w/ multiple accounts in On two separate occasions, they were resolved by updating to the latest version of my OS. The 10.6.8 combo package (or 10.6.7 if you're paranoid about 10.6.8 like a lot of folks seem to be [though the same problem might crop up w/ 10.6.7]) may well do the trick for ya'.
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Response by poster: Got it all working...being a Windows/*nx guy was part of my problem. Thanks everyone for all the info!
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