How do I add text to the left margin in Word 2010?
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How do I add text to the left margin in Word 2010?

I would like to add vertical text to the left margin of Word 2010. It would likely be three small lines of text, centered along the vertical length/axis within the left margin.

This is common in legal documents, yet I cannot figure out how to do it after having conducted a diligent search on MeFi and Google.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Draw a text box in the left margin, edit the box and tell it to rotate your text.
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I haven't used Word 2010, but probably what you actually want to do is divide the page into two columns. Make the first column, on the left, just an inch wide. The second column would be the rest of the page. You'll also want to set your margin to zero on the left side.

On preview, DarlingBri's method should work, also. And is probably simpler.
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You could also probably do it as a table with the left margin at 0 and the left column an inch wide, then the right column I guess 6.5" wide (to leave a 1" right margin). Make only 1 row and make the borders invisible and voila.
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Response by poster: Edit: So that it appears on all pages.

Thanks again! I will try some of these options out later today.
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The nice thing about DarlingBri's textbox is that you can anchor it in the header. This way the textbox will be repeated on every page and you can even display the correct page number or section numbers by using field codes.
If you use several columns you will get problems when you go from one to several pages.
If you use tables, you will have no problems when using several pages but you will get the usual table problems, e.g. try looking for the context menu item that lets you format a graphic when it is located in a table cell.
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Best answer: For legal documents, like pleading paper, the margins of the header are set differently than they are in the body or footer. Then a text box is used for the text (in my case, line numbers). Message me privately, and I'll see about sending you a sample that you can edit to suit your needs.
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Best answer: Ooops. In case it wasn't clear, the margin text is all part of the header, even though it doesn't look that way when printed.
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