MacBook Air case
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Recommend a case for my new MacBook Air.

Just got my new MacBook in the mail, and the thing is so awesome that I must protect it. Can you recommend a case?

I don't need something rock solid. I'll usually travel with it in my backpack or suitcase, so something that would hold up nicely in that environment is all that's needed. Thanks.
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I've been extremely happy with both laptop bags I bought from Marware.
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This Hardcandy one has been good, and it makes me feel a little safer, but it takes away from the awesomeness of how thin and little the Air is. My sleeve option would have been the Hard Graft one, but I was not patient enough.
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Oh, and for less pricey options as far as sleeve-types go, check out Etsy - I found several there that I liked and I think I would have been happy with.
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Foof makes lightly-padded and lovely sleeves. For something a little more robustly padded, look to Waterfield or Spire.
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The Cartella looks pretty cool, although I don't know how well it would protect against dust or whatever kicking around the inside of your backpack.
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You might find additional suggestions in the Macrumors Macbook Air subforum.
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What size is it?
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Response by poster: Good question - it's the 13-inch model.

Thanks for all of the suggestions so far.
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I was very happy with the ballistic nylon sleeves from Booq.
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I've always thought the BookBook would be a pretty spiffy case. You have the added bonus of looking rather sophisticated with it, too.
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I second Etsy. The thick felt ones are beautiful and sound just like what you need.
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I use a Tom Bihn Cache sleeve with my 13" MacBook Air. The Air is pretty robust by itself, so I just want something to keep it from getting scratched by other things in my bag and to provide a little extra protection if I drop the bag or if it falls over. If you want more protection from dropping, Bihn's Brain Cell has a loop of elastic fabric near the bottom so that if you drop the bag, the elastic absorbs the shock.
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I'm happy with my LA robe case. Ah, not sure where you are but but they can be had around the world. I got mine from Amazon.
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