RSS feeds for Yahoo! News?
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What happened to the RSS feeds for Yahoo! News most popular and most emailed stories?

They worked up until about a month ago when the Yahoo! News site was redesigned. Now I can't find anyway to get these feeds. Is there an alternative? I'm open to about anything, but I liked the Yahoo! News most popular feeds since it seemed to distill all the news down to the most important stories of the day. (I realize that is subjective, but I don't have time to read all the news articles published daily.)

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On the main Yahoo! news page, scroll down to the very bottom of the page. On the left hand side you'll links to all the major categories. The last link (All Yahoo News) directs you to a page with RSS links to each category.
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Response by poster: But the "Most Popular" and "Most Emailed" news stories don't have RSS options on that page.
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Page2RSS might help in this case. Try these links:

Yahoo News Most Popular

Yahoo News Most Shared
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Response by poster: Thanks, I was looking for a service like that.

I'll try those feeds out and see if they work. I guess the official feeds are gone for good.
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