I want everything to be without wires.
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Wires, cables - I hate them. What options are currently available (or really just around the corner) to make my world wireless.

I hate plugging things in for electricity, for syncing, for uploading and downloading. I hear rumours that WiTricity will be available this year, I know there are some charging pads out there... what gadgets can I pick up to either reduce my wires or do things that I didn't do before, but without wires.
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Not a gadget, but dropbox can take care of a large portion of your file transferring needs without cables or external devices.
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Can you be a little more specific as to what you mean by "things?"
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I'm assuming you use a cordless mouse and keyboard...

One of the best things about switching from Blackberry to Android is that my contacts and calendar sync wirelessly.
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Your iPhone and iPad can be entirely plug-free once iOS 5 rolls out, if you don't mind putting the device in some kind of inductive charging case.
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Response by poster: By "things" I mean everything that usually has a wire in order to function: so anything powered by electricity (wind-up flashlights are awesome), anything that plugs into my computer (or tv or dvd player) that can be done through wifi or bluetooth.

And yes, I currently use a wireless mouse, wireless headpieces for the phone and I'm looking forward to iOS 5. But I'm sure there's cool stuff I'm missing out on.
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Roku makes products that can connect your radios, TV, speakers system, and computer wirelessly. I love their products.
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