Where to buy Traeger grill parts?
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Anyone know where I can get a hopper/burner assembly for a Traeger grill (I have the Texas Grill, but any of their line may work)? So far internet searches have been unsuccessful. I have not yet contacted the manufacturer to see if they will sell spares, but all I can find from 3rd parties are spare internals (motors, controllers, etc)...
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According to their website's FAQ under "I need a new part for my grill", you can just "call the Traeger Service Department at 1-800-872-3437 and be assisted by a Traeger Service Technician."
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Response by poster: Thanks for the quick response. From what I understand from others the service dept will only address minor parts, not structural assemblies (like the hopper, etc). Sounds like it may be worth a shot though -- anyone else have more info?
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