I'd like to call and leave myself a message. but apparently I'm unresponsive to myself.
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GOOGLEVOICEFILTER: How do you call your number FROM your number and leave yourself a message?

I know this is possible, I just think I screwed it up when I set it up on my phone somehow. Google Voice does excellent transcription of voice messages. So my plan is to call my G-voice number from my cellphone while I'm driving and leave myself a message. Then I get home and boom, check the email, post my message into my task management software.

Only when I call it from my cell it always takes me into the admin options settings. How do I call it and get it to go right to the voicemail?
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Voice Settings
Phones tab
Select the number you want to call from, click Edit.
Show advanced settings.
Voicemail Access: No
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Response by poster: Done. Thanks for that. 30 minutes of looking at g-voice and I couldn't figure it out.
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Question. Where is this "Voice Settings" located? Is it on the phone or on the Google Voice website? If it's on the phone are you talking about "Voice Settings" when you click the Google Voice shortcut from your phone? Or are you talking about the clicking the Settings shortcut from your phone?
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In the web app, click the gear in the top right-hand corner.
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