Where are the wind maps?
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Where can I find wind forecast maps months in advance?

I intend to do some bike touring soon. Wind can be a big deal for biking. I'd like to have a vague idea of the general wind direction I'll be facing when planning trips.

I assume any forecast this far in advance would actually be average data from previous years. I know the data exists, but I can't seem to find it plotted on a map.

Right now I'm looking for Oregon & Northern California in early September, but I'd like something broader. Ideally something like a google map with some arrows drawn over it and a selector for "month/day" or at least "season."
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Weatherspark.com might work for this sort of thing, though I'm not sure how granular their dataset is.
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The term you may have better luck with is "prevailing wind".

Weatherunderground.com has historical information if you drill down a bit. Don't look at the exact detail of specific days but the general trend at the time of year.
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