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I would like to bake something using the fresh green figs I bought Saturday. Do you have a suggested recipe to share?

I'm imagining something like a German plum cake, but not finding quite what I'd like online. I'd prefer a recipe that someone has tried and enjoyed - I can Google for random recipes myself. I'm open to non-cakes as well, but I'm not terribly interested in entrees or salads.

I have about two pints of "green" figs from Trader Joe's, minus two or three delicious snacks.
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I prefer/think figs taste best when they are presented more simply. Typically, I like to dress up fruit tarts with fresh figs and coat with a honey glaze. If not that, i have tried, and really enjoyed this simple fig dessert.
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Two pints is not a whole lot, but if by green figs you mean the tiny unripe figs, I'd recommend making green fig preserves (lots of recipes online – it's basically just sugar, figs, some sort of citrus and cloves). You'd maybe get two jars out of your fruit and it'll last a while since it's so sugary. It's probably my all-time favorite sweet food.

I'm from Bulgaria, and we'd go buy green fig preserves every fall from older ladies just selling them on the street in Greek tourist towns – expensive, but so good. Serve it by itself as a sweet Mediterranean treat on a tiny plate – think soy sauce dish – with a tiny spoon, or my preferred way, on chilled crêpes.

I just read that you ate them as snacks, which means that they aren't the unripe kind and you could still make preserves, but they won't be quite as divinely good. I'll post this anyway for future reference.
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Not a cake, entree, or salad, but my absolute favorite thing to do with fresh figs is to stuff them with blue cheese, coat them with honey, and bake them. I'd happily eat this either for an appetizer or dessert. Preferably all two pints myself. Yum.
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Similar to instamatic's suggestion, only once I had them wrapped in bacon, stuffed with blue cheese and grilled.

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Our favorite way to eat figs is lightly sauteed (just enough to warm them through) and served over wild salmon, alongside caramelized onions. Delish! Feel free to add a splash of balsamic vinegar or white wine for a little extra huzzah.
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Best answer: I don't have a specific recipe, but a friend recently gave my mother a bunch of figs (which were one day's worth from a very productive tree in her father's yard). Fortunately she likes figs and has this book, which is great if you know anyone who has a fig tree and needs good ideas for what to do with them. Among the things we have been enjoying, baked (more or less) goods have included a fig tart and a very surprising fig and goat cheese fritatta; try googling for those recipes if you are interested.
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And my favorite stuffing is chevre with a drizzle of good red or white balsamic. If the figs are really sweet and ripe, this is my favorite combo.
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I had an incredible creme brulee topped with broiled figs several years ago.
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My friend made a pretty amazing variant of mac-and-cheese that involved figs and brie.
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Not exactly what you are looking for, but I have been trying to find fresh figs this week so I can make these Fig and Clementine Port Wine Popsicles.
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I want you to make this deep dish winter fruit pie with walnut fruit crumb, even though it's not winter, and you have fresh figs instead of dried. It's delicious and adaptable - just pull back on some of the other fruit to make up for the added moisture (or substitute dried apples, maybe?).
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i recently put fig halves on puff pastry cut into fig-sized pieces, then baked until the puff pastry was golden brown. delicious and a hit at the office.
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Best answer: Followup: I ended up making this cake (ignoring the parenthetical suggestions), which was pretty great. Well, the cake bit was only average, but the port-poached figs and derived syrup were FANTASTIC.
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