Lightweight furniture options?
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Lightweight yet comfortable furniture that can be moved out of the way easily? Asking for my mom who runs a rental cabin but also hosts yoga classes form time to time.

My mom owns and runs a small rental cabin. Occasionally she teaches yoga classes and workshops, so she designed the cabin so it could be easily converted into a space that supports up to 15 yoga students or so in the living room area. It's a small, simple, Zen-like space, so she never had very much furniture in it so begin with.

When she originally invested in furniture for cabin, she bought furniture that could be easily pushed out of the way to make space for students when she does host yoga classes. Most of it is lightweight but not so comfortable furniture, like a small wicker couch and wicker chairs from Pier One (they have cushions and look nice, but they are not super comf) and another lightweight but sort-of comfy chair from Ikea. Over the years, enough people have complained that the one thing they dislike about the cabin is lack of comfortable furniture.

So, does anybody know of any lightweight, yet comfortable furniture options? She doesn't use the cabin for yoga as much these days, but it would still be awesome to have the option. She really would like a sleeper-sofa or couch that converts into something people could sleep on as well, but again, something light enough so one, maybe two people-- and by 2 people I mean not 2 huge mover-guy types-- but possibly 2 older women-- could move it out of the way and put back without a lot of discomfort.

Any thoughts?
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Is the sort-of-comfy Ikea chair a Poang? I was about to recommend those.
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It's not too hard to put wheels on most furniture, would that work?
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You can buy retractable casters that will attach to various types of furniture (assuming you don't mind drilling holes into them) and will take a lot of weight. I have actually seen more "industrial" type ones, with larger wheels, that would let you easily move around even the largest pieces of home furniture.

Really the only problem that I could foresee would be aesthetic ... you might need to get a bit clever about mounting the casters so that they wouldn't stick out and be ugly (and toe-stubbing) all the time.
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I've got a friend with one of these, it works pretty well for him
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L.L.Bean makes "ultralight" furniture that is designed to be comfortable and also easy to move. I'm not sure what these are like, but they have excellent customer service.
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I have a huge beanbag-like device that I like. It is sold as seating 3 people, though I think it seats 2 more comfortably. It can be arranged to suit your comfort (I like to sit on it lengthwise and prop it against the wall to give it a sort of back). It also is not bad for sleeping one person--comfort-wise, it definitely beats an air mattress or convertible sofa for this purpose. I frequently move it around to vacuum. I have one from this company; if I recall, I have the 6-foot oblong one. Don't get a round one; they are less useful.
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I just have felt pads on the feet of my big fat leather sofa and I can push it all around the room by myself. (Hardwood floors.)
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I recently stayed in a beach condo that was unusually well configured. It had a sofa with a Murphy bed that extended down over it after you took off the cushions, dining table that collapsed with chairs stored inside, and tray tables. The Murphy bed was way way more comfy than a sofa bed, without taking up more room. The sofa was plenty comfortable, too.
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I was actually going to recommend Pier One - I have a regular couch set from 2006 (but similar to this), so not available anymore - and I can move the couch very easily on my own.
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I have this sofa from Cost Plus which is pretty light.. it's not the lightest but two people could definitely move it out of the way. When both sides are folded down, it fits a twin sheet and is extremely comfy to sleep on.
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