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I'm looking for an app that will create a daily schedule of events (for a conference). Needs to be able to: be displayed on the web, display multiple events throughout the day (hour-by-hour) – some events happen concurrently, link each entry to another web page (event details), and be able to be used by non-programmers. See sample of ideal look here Google Calendar comes close but it does not seem to have the ability to link individual entries to outside webpages – and it compresses all events that happen at the same time into a very narrow column so info becomes unreadable, and, of course, each person viewing needs and account.
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You can embed your Google calendar into a Google/site ( You can set it up to display the calendar as an agenda by default (example), which makes sense for a schedule of events for a conference. Your planners can easily add stuff to a google account set up for the conference, and if you share the site as public then it's pretty easy for your participants to sign in to the site and view your calendar. You can also use the site to easily put other informational resources on to the site.

The only down side is that it's more difficult to link events to outside pages (at least in the few minutes I was playing with it as a test - it may be possible) but each event has a description box, so if you can render down whatever you'd put on the outside site down to the space of a description box, then that will work.

Also, so far as I know Google/Sites plays pretty well with most mobile browsers.

Anyway, that's my two cents. Good luck with the conference.
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My gym uses this to publish their class schedule, maybe it fits the bill. Http://
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A lot of conferences these days are using SCHED*.
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I don't know exactly what we used, but the online schedule at Barcamp Philly (blogpost from 2008 but it was used after) was great. Carl's a super nice guy, I'm sure he'd point you in the right direction.
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Sched looks promising but they do not support a web option – only mobile.
Thanks tho.
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