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Can I eat this?: smoked pork shoulder edition

I smoked a 13 lb pork shoulder all day Thursday. It turned out beautifully. We had substantial leftovers, which were refrigerated. Last night, the remaining meat, still on the bone, was left overnight in the (turned-off) oven, where we often store meat to keep our two large dogs from it. I just discovered it (and immediately refrigerated it), so it's been in the oven for something like 16 hours.

Can I eat this?

Would you eat this?
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I'd eat it. My husband wouldn't. I have a famously cast-iron stomach, though. If you're unsure, boil the bone with the meat on it and make black bean soup.
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I'd eat it. I have eaten meat left in the oven overnight. I once barbequed two pieces of pork belly, took one of them off and forgot about the other one until 16 or so hours later. It was fine too.
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Eat it!
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I would eat it. If I were paranoid, I'd put it back up to temperature, then eat it.
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I've ate it like that before. Bring it back to cooking temp, and dig in.
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I'm not clear whether it was cooked then cooled, or handled after cooking and before being put into the cold oven - the first scenario is obviously much better than the second, but either way I think I would not eat this. Unless I'm missing something, it has been sitting basically at room temperature (maybe a little above, which is worse) for 16 hours!
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Eat it. Smoking is a form of preservation.
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Response by poster: To clarify, the roast was cooked all day Thursday and cooled overnight before being brought out Friday night and left in a (cold) oven until 1 pm today.
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I totally wouldn't then. You've already handled it and exposed it to air plenty before leaving it in the "danger zone" temperature.
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I wouldn't take the chance. 16 hours out is way too long, especially after it has already been out before. On top of that if your smoker didn't bring it up to 140 1/2 inch in the first 2 hours it is even more dangerous. has a good section on food safety that would be worth reading.
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I agree with LucretiusJones. I would eat it after it was brought back to temperature.
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