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Where can I buy plain fitted cotton t-shirts for women?

I need t-shirts that are fitted (I'm XS but busty and juniors' cuts don't fit well), mostly cotton with a bit of stretch. I prefer a more lightweight, non-ribbed fabric and a more trim cut than, for instance, Nordstrom's otherwise great Caslon shirts – the model is definitely wearing clips on her back to hide how baggy the shirt is under the bust. Short sleeves and cap sleeves are both okay, and I generally prefer crew necks to V-necks.

I prefer something durable and consistently well-cut, so I'm definitely not buying anything from American Apparel, Gap, etc.

I like just about everything about the Nike cotton tees, but they feature a logo, and are only suitable for wearing under other shirts since I don't like visible logos on clothing.

Where should I be shopping?
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Best answer: I am in general very happy with the quality and consistency of Victoria's Secret clothing. It looks like this is what they have for Basic T-Shirt right now.
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Have you tried American Apparel? They are worth a try because although they only have a couple of specifically women's styles, if they work for you you're set - the quality is decent, they come in a wide range of colors, the fit and style stays consistent (unlike most women's stores, which change things up seasonally), crew-neck is their thing, and they're available just about everywhere including online.

My personal favorite basic tees are Ann Taylor Loft though, but that's largely because I have big boobs and I'm short, and their petite length is great for me.
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Oh crap, I missed where you ruled out AA, so sorry. My experience with them however has been that they are durable and standard, but I guess YMMV.
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Best answer: If you're near the US/Canada border Smart Set's basic 2/$20 tees fit (and last) surprisingly well for the price. Seriously, best t-shirt ever.
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I have heard good things about Petit Bateau t-shirts.

And seconding what crabintheocean said about AA - I've ended up with girlie-cut printed tees that are AA brand and they're decent quality, consistently sized, durable, slender cut, etc.
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Downeast Basics
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You are near the border? Joe Fresh t-shirts are as cheap as Old Navy but definitely better quality and fit.
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Best answer: I love J. Crew's Perfect Fit crewneck tees. They're 100% cotton and you can even get them in XXS if the XS runs too large - looking at the website, though, that might only be in stores. I, too, am small but busty, and these shirts are amazing. Sometimes, they're even on sale -- I just got a few for $7.50 apiece.

I don't like AA shirts either. I find them inconsistently sized, but I stopped shopping there almost five years ago, so maybe that has changed.
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I forgot to say that J. Crew's shirts are well-made and durable. They stand up to many washings. I've had a bunch of them for about 6 months and they still look brand new after many wearings.

I have no luck with Ann Taylor shirts, either -- they're way too baggy, even though they are a good length for my petite frame.
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Don't know where you're located, but Uniqlo has shirts like this. I find the quality and price of their basics to be better than Gap. Old Navy and Ann Taylor stuff is too baggy for me.
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I beat the shit out of my plain black v-necks/crewnecks from Old Navy and they stand up surprisingly well. How long are you hoping they'll last? I get about ~3 years out of them before they're donated to the animal shelter as rags.
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Response by poster: elizardbits, nothing that Old Navy makes for adults is small enough to fit me.
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Love love love Gap's 'Perfect fit' tees. I have a number of them in the short-sleeve crew, short-sleee scoop, and long-sleeve crew. Well-cut, well-fitting, really cute. Not super cheap but worth the $.
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I actually have gotten some nice t-shirts at sears. I'm xs but not busty, though, and usually old navy xs fits fine (except they've been cut too short recently, and made out of this crappy super-thin jersey), so YMMV.
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Theory "Juin" fitted scoop-neck tees. Definitely run very small and fitted. Size P is the XS. You should be able to find them at Nordstrom/Saks/Bloomingdales etc.. Pricey, but I bought mine for significantly less off eBay after trying on to know what size I wore.
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