Meta analysis in Google scholar?
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Is a meta analysis in Google Scholar actually possible?

I'm helping to do a meta analysis at work, and one of the search engines commonly used in literature reviews is Google Scholar. For legal reasons, everyone must use Zotero to capture citations from the search results for our key words. Google Scholar keeps shutting me down (without the option to enter a string of text to prove I'm not a machine) before I get too far in my searches because my computer 'may be sending automated queries'. Is there a way to work around this, or should we really not be using Google Scholar for this analysis?
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IIRC we ruled out Google Scholar as a literature source in a meta-analysis in my lab group, in part because of these query issues.
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I don't know if it's Zotero, or a problem with your institutional IP, but it's perfectly possible to use Google Scholar for systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Try running the searches through Papers or a similar alternative, and then importing them into Zotero, or just ask your friendly neighbourhood spider-librarian for a hand.
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How do I access Papers? I'm still sort of a systematic review noob, and I'm going to be doing this search for most of the weekend.
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