Seattle hotel recommendations?
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My wife and I would like to go to Seattle for our 4th wedding anniversary, coming up this September. We want to treat ourselves and stay somewhere interesting and fun, but also lavish - something we don't do very often, as we're usually hardcore budget travelers. I saw an airfare and 2 night package at the W for $700 or so; while this is a good deal, I'm also tempted by the Kimpton boutique hotels, but don't know enough about what's available in Seattle (urban B&Bs? Niche boutique hotels?) to make an informed decision. Any suggestions from locals or Seattle-philes on where to stay?
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I haven't stayed at any of the Kimpton Hotels in Seattle, but I have stayed at their hotels in Portland (hotel vintage plaza) and in Denver (hotel monaco), and I can recommend THEM without hesitation.
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I haven't stayed there but the Ace Hotel (soon to be in Portland too) always grabs my attention.
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The Sorrento has some seasonal packages available. My only experience is having tea in the Hunt Club, which I found quite good. Also, I have never stayed there as a guest, though I've had friends that have stayed there on a splurge trip, and loved it. So, YMMV. Also, it is within walking distance to downtown, and is across the street from a great little coffeeshop, if their coffee isn't up to your liking.
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The Pensione Nichols is a B&B in a fantastic location right by the Market downtown. The cheaper rooms are hardly "lavish" though -- I'd go for one of the larger ones.
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I've stayed in the Ace Hotel (recommended by Staggering Jack), and liked it very much. It's not plush, but it's well-appointed, and very comfortable and friendly, and not especially expensive. It's centrally located, stylish, and fun. Check it out fo' sho'. Definitely memorable, and it'll leave you with cash for a splurge-y dinner or two.
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I really liked the Gaslight Inn on Capitol Hill - not wildly expensive, but still very romantic and lovely.
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Seattle has a Four Seasons, if you aren't married to the Boutique experience.
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Best answer: You won't go wrong with the Kimpton or the W. The Alexis is also nice (and has specials often). All those are in the downtown core so you can walk around and have fun.
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A lot will depend on the date. This August, for instance, Wagner's Ring des Nibelungen is playing at the opera (and there's some kind of Gift Trade Show going on, too), and the hotels downtown and in Queen Anne are already booked solid.

A lot also depends on what you want to do in Seattle. Fancy-schmantzy is all well and good, but is the purpose of your trip to walk around Pioneer Square and the Market, and take ferries? If so, great, stay downtown. But if you want to get a feel for Seattle you might want to consider the University District. It's as well-connected to Seattle's transportation lines as downtown, and there are some decent places there (like the Best Western University Tower and the University Inn). It's a completely different character from downtown.
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Oh, and I've heard good things about the Chelsea Station B and B, near Woodland Park.
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I stayed at the Marriott that was right on the waterfront. It's not that interesting, but was really beautiful. The balconies face right onto the water, and there's a great conceirge lounge too. It's right downtown near the pier, next to a trolley stop, and within walking distance to Pike's Market and Belltown.
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Seattle has a Four Seasons

Did, will have, again, but doesn't now. The hotel that was the Four Seasons is now the Fairmont Olympic Seattle Hotel. Reviews seem pretty good, at least per Yahoo Travel.
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I don't think you can beat the location of The Inn at the Market - right in the middle of the Market w/ great views. For eats, Campagne is about twelve steps away.

I'm not sure I'd use the word "lavish" to describe the Ace.
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Best answer: I had a wonderful room at the hotel Monaco, which doesn't meet your needs, but I liked it. As long as I'm giving unsolicited advice (my wife and I took the fabulous train up there from SF for our honeymoon) I ate a couple fantastic meals there:

Le Pichet. (
A fantastic and very french bistro. Order the whole chicken when you go, it takes an hour to cook, cannot be pre-ordered, and is, bar none, the single best chicken dish I ever had. It's downtown.

And Oceanaire. (
A wee bit swanky/touristy, but again, the service and the food were top-notch. I'm a bit of a foodie, and the waiter got that, and when we went back a second time in the same week, the chef made us a special seafood soup (not on the menu) that was amazing.

Have fun. We had a great time there.
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