In need of recommendations for a great cross-training sneaker.
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In need of recommendations for a great cross-training sneaker.

I recently joined a fitness bootcamp, and my running shoes (Brooks) are not working in this environment. There is lots of jumping, lunging, kicking, etc... and I am constantly getting cramps in my feet, especially in the arches (even though I have orthotics for my flat feet).

No Nikes (they just aren't wide enough).
No trail shoes.
Must come in wide width.

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I have always been happy with the New Balance brand. They tend to spend all of their money on R&D and not "celebrity athlete" endorsement commercials, so it's a better made shoe. Zappos carries a wide range of them.
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I think Asics would work, but I would go to a proper running shop and ask for their advice. Most proper running shops can also measure your run to help recommend shoes.
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I really like my Rykas. They fit my wide feet very well and are carried by most shoe stores. I'd second the idea of getting fitted at a real sports shoe store because they'll check your stride (something about if your foot turns in or out when you walk) and make suggestions based on that and the kind of activities you'll be doing. I ended up with two pairs of shoes - cross-trainers for the gym/bootcamp and a pair of runners for jogging.
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Make sure you are stretching your calves frequently. That might be the cause of your cramps more so that your shoes.
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Can I suggest looking into minimalist footwear? In the long run, it's been the best thing for my flat arches - they're getting stronger, rather than getting coddled by orthotics.

If you want to go the minimalist route, I suggest something like the New Balance Minimus, Merrell Glove, or Vibram FiveFingers (if you can get past the aesthetics of wearing shoe-gloves!)
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Have been wearing Asics for over 20 years now. I like them, they work for me. Last few years have tried out FiveFingers. On my second pair now. My Asics running shoes are getting dusty. My feet are all kinds of flat, but the FiveFingers actually feel better to me than the running shoes did. I have way, way more knee and leg pain running with the Asics than I do with the FiveFingers. (Basically zero pain with the Vibrams - and constant nagging irritation in the knees and ankles with the Asics now!)
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The hot shoes in the CrossFit community are Innov8 and Vibram FiveFingers, and CrossFit includes a lot of jumping, lunging, running and weight lifting (kicking, not so much). My personal preference is barefoot but I'll throw on my Mizunos if we're going to be running a lot or my Chucks if we're climbing ropes. Note that all these (except the Chucks) are "minimalist" footwear and you'll need to modify your gait to a "barefoot" or POSE style if you're going to be running a lot in them.
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