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Boychild has just declare "The Goonies" the greatest movie ever. He has requested other films in which "there is adventure, with a group" as in the group is all friends, or brothers, or have some other sort of comraderie. My mind has drawn a complete blank on other fine pre-teen/teen films that have risen to classic status. [Additional data point: Also seen and approved: 3 Ninjas.]
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Maybe too obvious, but Stand by Me.
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The Sandlot.
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Super 8.
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Adventures in Babysitting. (Disclaimer: this may not be as good a movie as I remember it being.) Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. Holes. I heard okay things about Super 8... Is the boychild too young for The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off?
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Perhaps a little on the dark side of what you're after, but I think Sleepers fits in terms of being a coming of age story about a group of friends.
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How old is the Boychild?

The Outsiders. Also a good book to read together (or by himself).

The recent Abrams/Spielberg movie Super 8 reminded me a lot of The Goonies in terms of the camaraderie among the middle school-age boys (and girl) and adventure/action. I think it could eventually be considered a classic along those lines. It has some scenes that would definitely be way too scary for younger kids and some pre-teens. It's PG-13, which seems about right.
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Damn, sorry, I just realised who was your audience. My suggestion is almost certainly inappropriate fare.
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Explorers. I definitely enjoyed it at that age.
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Time Bandits
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"E.T," as well as the "Spy Kids" movies.
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Harry Potter series
Lord of the Rings series
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The Princess Bride is always good!
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The Mighty Ducks and Camp Nowhere were favorites of mine growing up.
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I know its literary, but I was once hooked on the Three Investigators book series when I was a pre-teen. Three boys solving haunted house mysteries, often under the employ of Alfred Hitchcock. In later reprints, Hitchcock was replaced with a fictitious movie mogul, but most of the fun was in the comraderie between the very different kids.
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"Neverending Story". Atreu and Bastion can arguably be said to be part of a group of adventurers, even thought they are geographically seperated. Be forewarned, the scene in the swamp with the horse is likely to cause tears.
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some that came to mind:

- Lost boys
- Now and then
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Space Camp

Seems particularly appropos right now.
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I'm very fond of the 2003 Peter Pan.
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Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
Maybe The Pagemaster, though it's on the younger side
Maybe Ferris Bueller's Day Off, though that's on the older side

Seconding Jumanji and Time Bandits
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War Games
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Boychild is 11, but he's demonstrated enough responsible behavior to earn a film with an occasional F-Bomb or two and that are a bit darker (although not as dark as Sleepers! That too dark even for a 40 year old) but Lost Boys, we've already seen - sexy sax man and all. Holes was on a few weekends ago. We saw Super 8 and he liked that. Hell to the yes on Neverending Story. Adventures in Babysitting might be worth a shot. The John Hughes canon (outside of Home Alone, natch) might be too relationship-y at this stage for this stage, although we have seen Ferris. Jumanji and Time Bandits he's seen (also Baron Munchausen, while I'm on the Terry Gilliam train of thought.) War Games, yes, and Project X.

And if Princess Bride is on cable, TeeVee goes there, just like it does whenever Hunt for Red October.

Holy shit, I totally forgot about Space Camp.
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A little different, but I loved Swallows and Amazons as a kid (and now, still, as an adult). (plus: Books by Enid Blyton.)
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Monster Squad! I remember it as being the essential era-companion to The Goonies. I also remember it being a little rough, so give it a once over.
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omg he will LOVE monster squad!
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Not too young for Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Also I picked Sleepers as a first date movie once. I think we were both 16? Didn't go over particularly well.
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I am still giggling about Sleepers. I feel like Inappropriate Sleepers needs to be a meme.
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Not to be confused with the Van Damme movie, there's an Australian movie called The Quest with Henry Thomas from E.T. that I loved as a kid and have been trying to find ever since - apparently it was alternatively titled Frog Dreaming, so that's probably why I had so much trouble. But I remember it fitting in nicely with The Goonies and Stand By Me in my childhood.

Also, seconding Monster Squad, which I rewatched this past winter - not quite as good as I remembered, but your kid will likely enjoy it.
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What about TV? Supernatural is two brothers who travel around the country investigating and dealing with supernatural stuff. It gets a bit dark, but nothing an 11 year old couldn't handle. My teenage brother loves it.
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these may be looser "groups of buddies" than he had in mind, but:

The Three Amigos
City Slickers
Silent Movie
The In-Laws (original)
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Surf Ninjas was the essential childhood companion to 3 Ninjas in my house. In retrospect, it's kind of (possibly hilariously?) politically incorrect that the movie features two Mexican kids as Asian "ninjas," but the "Find Spain" sequence is...pretty excellent.
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Oh, yeah, Supernatural would be right up his alley, as he loves the various ghost-hunting franchise programs ("Mom, I know this is totally fake but...")
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is a bit left field, but he does stumble across those renegade kids who help him defeat Tina Turner.

As for adventure films with kids as heroes, I grew up loving DARYL, the Last Starfighter, Flight of the Navigator, and, for a darker twist, White Water Summer.
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Not exactly a buddy picture, but The Dark Crystal is pretty stellar.
Can the buddies/friends be animals? Then perhaps Homeward Bound.
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The Muppet Movie! Any of 'em would work, but the first especially.
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The Spiderwick Chronicles?
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Stuff like Homeward Bound is great, but that tends to be stuff that he will see at afterschool programs because it's one of those films that's safe enough that they're not going to get complaints from parents. On the other hand, it's been awhile since the Skeksis have paid a visit...
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I feel like I would have loved The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension to pieces if I had seen it when I was his age.
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The kid has taste. Big Trouble in Little China? Only because it, along with Goonies & Labyrinth, are my boyfriend's all time favourite movies that he first watched at around that age.
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This is perhaps on the old side, but I loved Young Guns and Young Guns II around that time (I think). Also, what about the Indiana Jones movies? Adventure for sure, a group, kind of....
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The Lost Boys
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Oh yeah, we've done the three Indy films plus the One of Which We Shall Never Speak Again. Hadn't thought about Young Guns. I think we've see Big Trouble a few months back as well. The good thing about 80s films is that they're easy to catch on cable networks now, because 80s is the new 70s.
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If you want something more long form, the TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender is a fantastic kid-buddy-group story. (but don't watch the terrible movie)
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Little Monsters w/Fred Savage
Ice Age
Cool Runnings
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Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller and Solarbabies and The Peanut Butter Solution, while not necessarily classics as far as the wider public is concerned, are classics in my brain.
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Tried the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles? A far better contribution to the series than the mess that was Crystal Skull.

Also high on my list, Young Sherlock Holmes (I'm seeing a pattern), 20,000 Leagues Beneath The Sea, James & The Giant Peach, and The Last Starfighter. Guessing he might be a bit too young for Weird Science, but that's another classic.
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How about The Bad News Bears?
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Also, more recently, I liked Sky High.
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Breaking News from John Hodgman's Twitter Feed: Krull.
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When I was 12-13, I saw The Cowboys and declared it the best movie ever. I don't remember the story in great detail but I know it involved a group of misfit boys who have to work together to help John Wayne in a cattle drive. Hmmmm . . . on that note, he might also like City Slickers which has a very similar story line. I'm not at all into Westerns; both movies are really more about camaraderie, teamwork, and overcoming adversary - with the help of a crotchety cowboy.
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2nding Stand by Me, but be prepared for some profanity. I showed it to a couple of kids and they loved it, but I was surprised to have forgotten how much cursing there was.

School of Rock
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2nding Stand by Me, but be prepared for some profanity. I showed it to a couple of kids and they loved it, but I was surprised to have forgotten how much cursing there was.

and on a related note, every second word Dean says in Supernatural is 'bitch'

would the X-Men movies count?
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He's almost old enough for Real Genius, which is a group caper movie, but with some sex or at least heavy innuendo.

Would he like movies like Airplane, Top Secret, etc?
Galaxy Quest is pretty great too, in the same vein of adult caper movies.
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I love this type of movie. The two that come to mind are:

(1) Toy Soldiers (Plot: Terrorists take over a school, naughty kids fight back against the terrorists. Stars Sean Astin from the Goonies, also has Wil Wheaton).

(2) The B.R.A.T Patrol (Again, stars Sean Astin, a bunch of military brats that live on a military base get up to hijinx, also uncover a plan by some people to steal military equipment).
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John Wayne is an interesting idea. We started "True Grit" one night (it was on AMC or something) but it didn't really hold his attention the pace was a bit slow. Yeah, recent sci-fi like X-Files, Wolverine, etc. is usually first in the Netflix Queue on new releases, which is why we seem to be gravitating toward older stuff from the 80s that we either haven't seen in awhile or just flat out forgot about and need to rediscover. Then there are your modern classics in heavy rotation, like Galaxy Quest.

Wacky screwball stuff like the Leslie Nielsen Canon is a possibility (I think we watched "Naked Gun" one night on cable) the problem is that we get into awkward "adult situations" that facilitate awkward fast forwardy moments or awkward explanations of the significance of beavers. Plus, it's not just awkward for us as parents; I can remember when I was a kid watching "Airplane" on Laserdisc(!) and just being mortified about the BOOBIES in the panic scene because OMG PARENTS in the room. But in general, watching adults behave in ridiculous and immature ways is Pure Comedy Gold. For example, the Fake Gunfight scene in Spaced resulted in that wild, unconstrained kid laughter that is one of the most pleasing sounds in the universe. But then there are films like Real Genius that I know well enough to be able to anticipate the fast forwarding needs, so I could probably pull that one off.
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Please do not show It to your 11-year old, at least not without you watching it in its entirety first. I know plenty of adults that couldn't sleep after seeing that film. :(

Space Camp, hell yeah. I was going to suggest The Cowboys but kbar1 beat me to it. Red Dawn is a great film, but has scenes of teenagers shooting other people; it's a war flick. May not be appropriate for your son, but you know what works for him. Throw Space Camp and The Cowboys together, and give Space Cowboys a try? It's old guys, but it's a great movie.
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What about Major League? I saw it on TV when I was around 12 or 13 and thought it was HILARIOUS...I remember there being quite a bit of swearing, but not much else. And seriously. Hilarious.
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If he is at all interested in music, the Blues Brothers is an adventure movie. There is mild language in a few spots, but James Brown and Ray Charles make it all better. Plus Princess Leia with a flamethrower is just so so awesome.
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Our Gang!
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
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The War was the first one to spring to mind. I remember really enjoying it around that age.

Other movies that my dad introduced me to around that age, after watching the Indiana Jones flicks were the Newman/Redford movies like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Sting, which, having re-watched them recently, have both aged really well.
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Seconding D.A.R.Y.L
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Sneakers? He might like flight of the navigator as well.
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I am truly on the Internets? Has no one suggested Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Surely this cannot be. Let me Ctrl-F a few more times.

My word! It is so! But I cannot imagine a more perfect movie for an 11-year-old boy with these particular criteria. I saw it when I was just about that age (perhaps a year or so older) and thought it was the funniest thing ever at the time. I can't see how he wouldn't love it.
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Conan the Barbarian has adventures with a group.
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(also: animated - Wizards, Fire and Ice)
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Tron. I loved it as a kid and had some of the toys. 10 years later I even started understanding some of what they were talking about.
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I am truly on the Internets? Has no one suggested Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Surely this cannot be. Let me Ctrl-F a few more times.

Star Wars is not mentioned either, but I'd assume that it has been chalked up as a Given. Is it worth digging for the two Ewok movies? I have no idea if those hold up.

Picking at the animation aspect (although Wizards scarred me at that age), there's a host of animated TV shows that are cinematic (and some have movie spin-offs). Show-wise, most of the DC Animated Universe would fit the bill (Justice League, Teen Titans, Brave and the Bold, Young Justice, etc), plus there's X-Men Evolution and Mighty Avengers (I'd stay away from the Iron Man computer animated show that's on Netflix. Dead, dead eyes).
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I was pleased to see The Cowboys mentioned here, and since I spent the whole walk to work from the bus thinking about how terrific that movie is, I thought I'd spill a little bit in here in the hopes of getting you, or any lover of film, to give this one a try. It might be too much for your 11 year old, but keep it in mind.

I saw it when I was about your kid's age and it blew me away, and blew away both of my older brothers' as well. It's about the things that Kbar1 says it is - "camaraderie, teamwork, and overcoming adversary" but that sort of undersells it. It's a seventies western, and so has the characteristic pitilessness and brutality common to the seventies western. The stakes are extremely high. But it is still about the kids, and camaraderie - it's like the Goonies as directed by Sam Peckinpah. You've got John Wayne and Roscoe Lee Browne on one side representing honor and civility, and on the other side you have Bruce Dern at his most filthily evil (and this is a guy who played some bad, bad dudes) representing everything else.

It does not pull punches. Good people have bad things happen to them. Bad people do and say bad things (including racist things). It portrays a world full of menace, and it all ends up, inevitably, in violent cold-blooded revenge.

But, gosh is it good.
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Just wanted to second Avatar the Last Airbender (the cartoon, emphatically not the movie~). It's a fantastic show and fits all of your qualifications. It's really a lot less "kid's show" than it might appear at first glance. There's a lot of great funny moments too.

I would think twice about Supernatural myself, though of course you know your son best; it's a really good show, but boy does it go to dark places. Buffy might be a good alternative, though?
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"Cloak and Dagger" is a great buddy film for kids his age, even if one of the buddies is imaginary - I sometimes wonder if it inspired Calvin and Hobbes.

(And it's weird - when I was a kid and watched it, the scene where Jack Flack "distracts" the badguys is clear proof that he was real, and when I watched it as an adult, it is clear proof he wasn't. Growing up sucks, I don't recommend it.)
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Little Monsters
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Simon Burch. My Girl.
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Conan the Barbarian has adventures with a group.

This also happens to be one my husband's favorite films. Might be awkward watching with parents though, although I would be pleased if he after asked me "Mom, what is best in life?"
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Someone upthread mentioned that they would have loved The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th Dimension at that age. I originally saw it at that age, and indeed, I loved the crap out of that movie. (Bonus points: I watched it again this year as an adult, and it was still charming as heck.)

I may have missed it but did anyone recommend Real Genius?

Also, this may just be me, but I thought Solarbabies was awesome when I was a kid. A team of outsider kids saving the world? On roller skates? Tubular to the max.
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This is a great thread and can I just state for the record that Netflix Watch Instantly sucks because 90% of these movies from 20+ years ago are not available there.
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An awesome recent (2010?) Australian film, Tomorrow when the war began. Not sure how available it is where you are, but it was a great adventure film in which a group of teenage friends are suddenly thrust into a situation where they must take control. And it's the first in a series I believe (adapted from a great YA book series), so there will be others forthcoming if he likes it.
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Does The Secret of Nihm count?
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NetFlix has the 70's Hardy Boys on streaming.

Also maybe try movies/shows revolving around Camelot?

Percy Jackson & Lightning Thief

Clash of the Titans 70's version

Alabama Moon (2009)
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I just saw Attack The Block last night in a theater. It was easily the best kids/adventure I've seen all year (I liked it about one million times better than Super 8). It might be a little too scary/violent/English for an 11 year old American kid, I'd recommend watching it without the kid first.
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Great Scott! I still love Back to the Future and thought I'd add them to the list.
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