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What's A Good Stopping Point Between Kansas City And Big Bend National State Park?

My husband and I are planning a summer camping trip to Big Bend, and we'd like to break up the drive by spending the night somewhere along the way. Where should we stay? Do you know a fun place?

We'd like to stop about halfway, but we're flexible. Budget is an issue, so we'd love recommendations for campgrounds as well as hotels.

Here is our planned route. Thanks so much for your help!
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Little farther out of the way, but if you're stopping for a night anyway, how about Enchanted Rock?

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My vote is for the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma or Balmorhea State Park! Wichita has some excellent hiking and scenery (and is about your halfway point), and Balmorhea has the most amazing clearwater you've ever seen in a swimming hole!
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When I lived in KC I made this exact trip several times as Big Bend is my favorite hiking in the lower 48. I alway grab a shitty motel in OKC the first night, stop in Del Rio TX, the next night, and then on to Big Bend the next morning, but that's mainly because I'm driving solo.
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