Cheap/Good Trail Mix Recipes?
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I'm developed a craving for trail mix lately. One thing I've found out because of this is that trail mix is expensive. Everytime I buy it I think there's got to be a cheaper place to buy or it's got to be cheaper to make it myself..... Does anyone have any suggestions where to get cheap trail mix, recipies for good trail mix, ideas for the cheapest way to make it?
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Trader Joes is one good place I've found for inexpensive, but tasty nuts (cashews, peanuts, etc.). In fact, there you will find all the constituents you need to make good, cheap trail mix, different kinds of nuts, dried fruits, etc. I imagine you would just throw in equal (or desired) quantities of what you want in your mix into a ziploc and shake.
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trader joe's is a good suggestion.

The cheapest I've found is the Safeway brand 5 (i think) pound jar for like $7.95, but that's awfully heavy on the M&Ms, peanuts and raisins, so if you're not into the sweeter trail mix it's not going to work out for you.
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Alex is absolutely right. Trader Joe's has some great trail mix. My favorite is the Temptation trail mix, which is, if anything, far too delicious to keep around. It never struck me as particularly expensive either, and I'm a poor bastard.
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Costco has fabulous trail mix with dried fruit inside - HUGE bag though ! It will last me through the summer. And maybe last you through the weekend if you REALLY like trail mix

If you want to make your own, here's a delicious suggestion: you might want to try mixing salty cashews with dark-chocolate chips. Mmmm.
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Look for stores that have bulk bins, I usually get it for $3-4 a pound. A lot of it is very high calorie, especially the M&M fortified. My favorite has pecans and carob chips in the mix.
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/me seconds the costco trail mix.
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Or, alternately, look for stores that have bulk bins and buy whichever ingredients you want, and then mix it all up in a big jar.
Mine has cashews, hazelnuts, M&Ms, raisins, dried cranberries, dried pineapple, yogurt-covered raisins, walnuts, and chocolate chips, and pecans, all in the ratio I want.
Next time I'll include white chocolate and/or butterscotch chips because I love them, and also shelled sunflower seeds.
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Great suggestions, now to piggyback, Is there anywhere in Baltimore, MD one can find bulk food bins besides Trader Joes? Back in the day, Giant had big 'ol bulk food bins.... i wouldn't know where to go now.
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I usually go for the classic gorp (granola, oats, raisins, peanuts), and sometimes add m&ms if that's not sweet enough.

Mixing this yourself from the bulk bins at health food stores is usually pretty cheap.
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I agree with making it yourself out of the bulk bins. The premade kinds always have something you don't want. I go for simple: roasted cashews, roasted pumpkinseeds, and dried juice sweetened cranberries.
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I found Soy Nuts are a cheaper base than peanuts or cashews, and have a great popcorn-like flavour. My mix is usually: Soy Nuts, dried cranberries (raisins are cheaper), and chocolate chips.
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The other thing Costco has is the big bags of nuts, dried fruits, etc., so you can create your own mix.

My favorite recipe is to make individual servings in sandwich bags with 1/4 cup walnuts, then a pinch each (~5-6 pcs) of semisweet chocolate ships, dried cherries & dried blueberries (yeah, the chocolate chips are not on my diet, but what the heck).
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TuxHeDoh, if you're familiar with the Pikesville area, try Sunsplash (I think it's called) on Reisterstown Road south of Milford Mill (in the Russian/Orthodox Jewish enclave around Labyrinth Road). It's a health food store with bulk bins, and I've made myself some good trail mix there. E-mail me if you need more specific directions.
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TuxHeDoh - this is really late, but there's a Whole Foods in Little Italy, near Inner Harbor.
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