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I very much enjoy my daily word and poem sites. What other daily life-enriching, mind-expanding sites (or email lists or similar) exist?
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DailyLit will email (or RSS) a chapter (or more, or less) a day of a book.
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Astronomy Picture of the Day

Varia, although it hasnt been updated in a month.

wood s lot

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I like GOOD; they have an email newsletter as well, once or twice a day about awesome things (bike vending machines! California taking steps to outlaw styrofoam! guerrilla pie charts!).
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My fave is KEXP's Song of the Day - free .mp3 download on a cool and (to me, ususally) new band. KEXP is the way I discover new music so I can use those brain cycles for something else.
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Definite the Astronomy Picture of the Day!!!
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Daily Zen.
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I like Library Link of the Day. If you're vaguely interested in libraries but don't really follow any library blogs or that sort of thing, it's a one-link daily thing you might be interested in. I read a bunch of other library sites, but this one has been consistently good for almost a decade. Also +1 to KEXP and APOD both of which are consistently good.
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Writer's Almanac. Every day is 5 minutes of a poem and some information about mostly literary events tied to the date.
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I like Futility Closet for a miscellanea of odd but interesting items
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