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Is there a utility for the Mac that is similar to DriveSpacio for Windows?

Basically, I'm looking for some Mac utility which helps me understand what is taking up all the space on my hard drive. DriveSpacio does this graphically on Windows. Is there anything similar for the Mac?
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I always used jDiskReport but it requires Rosetta so won't work with Lion if you're planning on upgrading.

Grand Perspective or Disk Inventory X might fit the bill.
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DiskInventoryX ( does something similar. Treemap instead of pie chart.
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Grand Perspective draws a pretty picture that shows you what's taking up space.
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DaisyDisk does this on OSX. I used to swear by Sequoiaview on Windows, for the run of four different vowels in its name if nothing else, but Daisy Disk is a neat approximation.
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I use but seem to have an older version installed that must have been released before they started charging for it.
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Oh, another good one that's less about eye candy and more about straight up number crunching is OmniDiskSweeper.
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I much prefer ring/sunburst file visualization to treemaps. DaisyDisk is good, but diskring is free.
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Another vote for Grand Perspective. It's free and simple.
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