Lens for your cell phone
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Has anyone tried these Fish-eye and macro/wide-angle lenses for cell phones? Do they work as advertized ? Pros/Cons? My phone is a samsung google android. Thanks for the feedback.
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I had one a while back. They're fun for a bit, but I didn't even notice when I lost it.
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Haven't tried them, but, for your 'pro' side -- you can get cheap versions very very cheaply (for example) (also)
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They are fun little toys and they work pretty good all things considered. I find they are not quite as good if you don't mount direct to phone lens. I had a case so I mounted it to that and it changed the effect just a bit. Make a long necklace and put the on that. However, we lost ours and aren't pining for them.
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I got a set of the jelly lenses that kmennie links to two Christamses ago and had a lot of fun with them for a few months. The little covers didn't protect the sticky rings very well, and I lost them long before I lost the lenses. I like that the ones from PhotoJoJo attache with a magnetic ring, but I wonder how the magnetic ring attaches?
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The magnetic rings don't work on iPhone 4. Instead, you're required to tape a metal ring onto the back of your phone in order to get the magnetic rings to work. That's rather useless if you use a case, or even if you slide the phone in and out of your pocket a lot. I ended up sending the lenses back.
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