Great NPR pieces from the past?
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Where can I find significant/classic/cherished NPR pieces from the 70's, 80's, and 90's? has scarce selection and doesn't seem to archive earlier the early 90's.
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"earlier than the early" ehh...
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I'll bet you heard that story about Noah Adams interviewing a 6 years old girl 20+ years ago and then he interviewed her again just a few days ago. That was a good story. If archives can be found I'll bet you will get the best answer by asking directly. Become a registered user on website if you aren't yet.
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I asked my senior producer (who's worked at NPR for 20 years) and he said:

They're in the Library of Congress. Somewhere. You can call NPR at 202-513-2000 and ask for the Broadcast Librarian, and then they can help you locate them, probably for a fee unless you're a public radio producer.

You'd have to know what you're looking for, though. A general request won't be of much use.

And as a producer who often works out of NPR West, I can probably hook you up if you can think of something specific.
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If you could elaborate on what you mean by "NPR pieces" you'd probably get better responses. Which programs are you looking for?
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