Recovering the contents of a stolen Blogger blog
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A Blogger blog was hacked. The perpetrator declared he'll delete all content pretty soon. It's six years of work I want to save.

The blog doesn't belong to me, I was a contributor. I understand that Google won't be helping us recovering the ownership (it's on their TOS that it's the admin's responsability).

What I want to do is save as much content as possible and help the original author relaunch the blog. Unfortunately, the blog is being modified and some images aren't appearing anymore. It's a race against time.

I've already salvaged the Atom feed and some of the images it references. The rest of the archive looks inaccesible.

I'm a proficient programmer and I can do webscrapers. I need the hive mind to help me with pointers on where/how to recover the contents.
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Start by checking Google cache. The wayback machine might have some useful stuff.
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It won't have the pictures, but if you subscribe to the blog in Google Reader, it may have archived posts that are no longer available in the Atom feed. A friend of mine had something very similar happen to his blog, and he was able to reconstitute a lot of it from Reader's cache.
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Foci for Analysis, L'Estrange Fruit: For the Google Cache and the Wayback Machine I'm setting up Warrick ( to recover as much as possible. Thanks!

Zozo: Thanks for the Google Reader tip, that's a clever one.
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Don't assume Blogger won't help. Those terms about what they're legally liable for don't mean they won't give you any service. Give it a shot.
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Another approach using some url hacking and DownThemAll.
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Here's an application that does backups of blogger blogs:
The Blogger Backup utility is intended to be a simple utility to backup to local disk your Blogger posts.

Using the GData C# Library, the utility will walk backward in time, from your latest post to your last, saving each post to a local Atom/XML file.

If you want to, mefi mail me the blog url and I'll look at what I can save at my end. Please write any special instructions wrt specific data you want to save.
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Scrapbook is a Firefox extension that will save entire sites and/or folders.
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Backupify is a service that will automatically back up your blogger content at regular intervals (as well as Twitter, Flickr, Google Docs, Gmail, etc.). It's nice to have if you have data you care about in any of those services, for exactly this sort of reason.
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Can you grab all the pages with wget?
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Thanks everyone for your quick responses.

I've tried the URL hacking to get the latest 1,000 posts but the perpetrator has deleted most of the content already. Six years of posts gone just like that. So sad. Recovering from the blog itself is discarded.

I'll have to go the Google Cache/Wayback Machine way now. Warrick didn't work too well (it only recovered 5 pages and currently doesn't work with the Wayback Machine). Any help on automating this will be appreciated.
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httrack can copy websites.
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Nthing asking for help even if Google isn't legally required to do so. They may have a backup, and depending on how the site was hacked they might want to help.

Admittedly, it's a long shot, but what have you go to lose?
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amtho (and previously John Cohen): Yes, I've asked the original owner to talk to Google. Thanks!
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"What I want to do is save as much content as possible and help the original author relaunch the blog."

WinHTTrack will recursively grab pages. It'll also grab from a text file of URLs, recursively if desired, so if the page URLs are either known or predictable you can generate a text file with all the pages for either blogger or Google Cache. Ad it;ll follow links to a specified depth off of the base URL to grab images that may be hosted on another site.
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nthing that wget is your best automated option.
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jgwong: Warrick didn't work too well (it only recovered 5 pages and currently doesn't work with the Wayback Machine).

Whoa, really? In my experience, the author was pretty responsive to hearing, say, that retrievals from the Yahoo cache weren't working. ... It might be about the new Wayback Machine interface.

Could you mail me your site so I can take a look?
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Hi everyone, sorry for not answering before.

Google answered and the blog was recovered! My hopes weren't high on this, but they did the right thing, which is awesome. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and help offers.
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