Math ties?
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Any good math or physics neckties?

I've been poking around for a reasonable math or physics tie or two. Or other sufficiently amusing geeky ties.

I've bought one fractal tie from, which has many more math ties. Zazzle sadly uses a low quality fabric printer however. Is there anyone with some variety who might do a better job?

There is another deeper problem that most math ties have text explaining the context, ala xkcd's tie or Maxwell's equations tie. It's fine if t-shirts explains a joke or gives context, but that's wholly inappropriate for a tie.

Anyone know about fabric printers in the abstract? Is there a clear technical distinction for good vs. crappy? Are some good for greyscale but not color? etc.
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Etsy usually has some fun ties. I just did a search for Math neckties.
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Think Geek has a few you may like.
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Herm├Ęs ties often have cool repeating geometric patterns and they're high quality ties. They're also quite expensive.
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Mobius ties, etc.
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Saw this from a previous askme tie thread: Check out the older (2009/10) collections. Not too many math themed (Haute Math, Crystal Math), but quite a few stylish geeky ones.
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I have a nice MC Escher swans necktie... I think you can find similar ones by googling.
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There's the ever-fashionable TeX tie, from the AMS.
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+1'ing cyberoptix.
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I used to sew my husband's ties when he was required to wear them for work and I had a lot of fun picking out tie fabrics at Britex. If you don't have a similarly awesome fabric store at your disposal, try ordering swatches online to see what you'd like and find a local seamstress.
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Engineering husband suggests an actual mobius strip for a tie (rather than a traditional tie with mobius patterns.)
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crap someone already said that. well they are THAT awesome!
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I definitely like the ties from cyberoptix tie lab (toybreaker) even if they aren't mathy. Thanks everyone!
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