Extreme macro photography with a Sony NEX-5k
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Using various relatively cheap adaptors, zoom lenses and lens-reversal rings (the greatest thing that ever happened to Nikon dSLRs!), I had fun taking lots of pictures of really tiny things with my previous cameras. However, now I have a Sony NEX-5k which, for its wonderful optics, great features and excellent resolution doesn't seem to have anything that I can find to do the same type of work. Can anyone recommend a hack or accessory that will let me take more pics like those I used to (or even of smaller things!)?
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You want the Raynox DCR-150 and DCR-250. Simple little clip on lenses. Here's shots I have taken with them.
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Best answer: I have the NEX5. It's easily the most adapter-friendly camera I've ever seen.

You can easily get lens reversal rings for it on eBay. Get one that has the same diameter as the lens you want to reverse. Attach the adapter ring to the lens, and then lock it into the camera.

I use them as mounts for lenses that I'm building myself, so I don't have to machine the mount.
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Also, note that with an adapter based on the filter-ring thread like that, you can use ANY brand/type of lens you want. Nearly every lens made in the last 30 years has a filter ring of some diameter on it.
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