Can I find mead in San Antonio, Texas?
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Can I find mead in San Antonio, Texas?

Where I used to live (elsewhere in Texas) I convinced a Spec's liquor store to regularly carry Redstone mead. I don't like Bunratty or Chaucer's, which are more widely carried.

Since moving to San Antonio, I haven't found any mead at all. Near me there are several small stores (Don & Ben's, etc., in strip malls) that only carry popular brands. Even some of those are scarce--it's hard to find Capt. Morgan's Silver, for example.

Can I find good mead in San Antonio? I'd prefer Redstone, if possible, but I'm open to suggestion. Is there a liquor "superstore" in San Antonio I can try? Can anyone recommend a store that caters to special orders?

I live near the medical center (west of I-10, outside 410) and work near La Cantera and the Rim.
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You might have luck talking to the owners of some of these shops. Usually the higher rated ones are very open to requests.
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Gabriels is rated highly on Try giving them a call.
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Central Market in Alamo Heights. If they don't have what you want, they will order it for you. A guy named Brian used to be the buyer and was always accommodating if they didn't have what I was looking for.

Gabriels is a liquor store - they don't have the best beer selection.
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You know there's a Specs now at the Forum near I-35 and Live Oak. Have you tried there?
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There's a pretty decent Gabriels on Callaghan and I-10 (by the Sun Harvest) that has a huge selection of wine and I think I've seen mead there.

I also recommend Central Market, but that's a bit farther away.
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Response by poster: I haven't tried any of these. I'll start with the nearest and work my way out.

FYI, Siena: mead isn't beer, it's more wine-like. In fact, some "mead" brands are actually white wine flavored with honey. But in the Spec's I used to frequent, they shelved it in the aisles with liquor rather than with the beer or the wine.

Thanks, all!
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Looks like Redstone's Texas distributor is Duff Beer & Wine - (832) 721-2841 or (832) 407-6620. If you call them, they'll be able to tell you who their San Antonio retail customers are.
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There are small commercial mazer's scattered around Texas. Here's one near you: Texas Mead Works. Looks like they're just getting off the ground but I've tried some of the others I've found in my drives and generally come away with a bottle or two. Given their projected release times I suspect these guys are doing it right (i.e., it doesn't look like they're rushing crap to market). Hmm. MeFi meetup in Seguin for a tasting in the fall?
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Response by poster: Runes, I saw Texas Mead Works at a Ren Faire a few years ago, but they didn't have samples. Thanks for reminding me about them. I'd love to try their Honeymoon Bliss with tupelo honey.
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I just remembered about Alon market on wurzbach - its closer than central market but has a worse selection
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Hills and Dales on 1604 near Babcock used to carry and Irish and Polish mead. Sorry, I dont remember the names. Dont be afraid of all the bikers there either; theyre all retired Military, not the Hells Angels.
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