Songs for an Amazing Race-like event for children?
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Looking for songs that would fit the theme for an "Amazing Dewey Race" (a scavenger hunt type event using the Dewey Decimal System). It's a child/young adult event at a public library, so music needs to be appropriate for that audience.
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Best answer: I believe "Yakety Sax" is what you're looking for. Here it is.
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Best answer: Having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card
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Best answer: I'm at work so I can't post links, but either the Silent E or LY songs by Tom Lehrer? Assuming I understand you right and you need topical songs for specific areas of Dewey?
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Best answer: William Tell Overture, 'Theme from S.W.A.T.,' 'Mission Impossible' theme, that kind of thing?

Or do you mean songs for each subject area or something?
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Best answer: The Major-General's Song from Pirates of Penzance?
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Schoolhouse Rock!
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Best answer: Song by "Mr. Duey" about the Dewey Decimal System, downloadable through Amazon here.
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Well, there's more: here.

(Disclaimer--I don't know how good they are, I just know that they exist.)
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Response by poster: As far as what the content of the songs can be, it's pretty freeform. Songs about the DDS would work, songs to get pumped up for running around would work, etc.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far!
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I want to recommend Blackalicious' Alphabet Aerobics even though its alphabetical instead of decimal
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While I love Blackalicious, and while I acknowledge that their lyrics are far less problematic than most hip-hop groups, and while I enjoy detonating a dime of dank daily as much as the next guy, I'm not sure that 'Alphabet Aerobics' is appropriate for a childrens/YA public library program.
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Best answer: The Chariots of Fire theme song?
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for your suggestions, the event and the mix were a huge hit!
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If you get a chance, rollbiz, will you please post the tracklist? Our children's programmers have already done 'Minute to Win It' and 'Deal or No Deal' programs, so I'm thinking it would be easy to persuade them to try an Amazing Race.
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