How wide are the seats at Nottingham Arena
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How wide are the seats at Nottingham Arena?

I'm supposed to be going to a gig at Nottingham Capital FM Arena and I'm concerned that my 'wide load' isn't going to fit in their seats.
Snug/uncomfortable is fine, I doubt we'll be actually seated for that long but from pictures I've seen they look to have seat dividers or rigid arm rests so I'm worried that I physically wont be able to squeeze into the seat and I'll look stupid just standing there when everyone else is sat down.

I can't find any working email addresses on their website (I only found one address and it bounced) and as this is a sensitive/embarrassing issue I'd rather not phone them.

Anybody here work there and know how wide the seats are? Or any larger people been there - how did you find the seats?

If it makes a difference I think the seats are in block 5.
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I've asked the general managers office and they are going to get back to me by email, will let you know in thread once I do.

The box office was shut when i called unfortunately.
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And have had a response. They're happy to rebook if you need it. Response below:

Have been into the arena and confirmed the size of the seats. They are 18in wide and 17in in depth. The disabled row seats are 19in wide and 17in depth all of the seats have fixed arms. We could put a fold up seat in a wheelchair space, these seats are 20in wide and 18in depth but no arms on them, the maximum weight for this chair is 32 stone.

Let me know through the mods if you want me to do anything more.
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