Data, what are you playing?
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What is this beautiful violin song (in the first minute or so of the video) featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation?

The episode is "Elementary, Dear Data," which is season 2, episode 3. This song is gorgeous, but despite multiple searches I can't find anyone stating what it is. Even a guess as to the period or composer would be a start.

For the record, it's entirely possible that this piece was written for the show, although given how often the show features classical music, I kind of doubt it.
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I'm a violinist, and it doesn't ring any bells for me. If it is an existing piece, I'd guess some romantic violinist-composer... maybe Joachim or Ysaye? More likely it was improvised by some studio guy in LA, or specially composed for the show. I vote improvisation.
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I recognize the tune, so it isn't improvised, but I can't place the title, either. I also don't think it is originally an unaccompanied piece (though it likely is a solo), so it's probably from a concerto, quartet, or something where the violin is prominent.
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In another episode, "Inheritance", Data and Juliana Tainer play a piece by Johan Halvorsen, which was itself based on a piece by Handel (see Memory Alpha entry). Maybe this info might ring some bells for TinWhistle?
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from the youtube comments: Passacaglia for Violin and Viola, by Johan Halvorsen (late 19th century), based on an earlier work by Handel.
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Response by poster: anotherkate: I can't watch the video right now to confirm, but I think I remember seeing that comment last night when I first started this search, and that referred to a different portion, and thus to a different song. Perhaps I'm mistaken, or the show re-used the piece; I'll check again when I'm home later today. (I'll also search for that specific piece and listen to it fully, just in case.)

Thanks for your thoughts so far, everyone!
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It is definitely not from the Handel/Halvorsen passacaglia, which is quite well known. I could believe it is the tune to some other piece by Halvorsen, who is right in that romantic violinist/composer sweet spot... Still strikes me as probably improvised, but I hope you're able to prove me wrong!
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Violinflu, that's what I was thinking - that it might be another of Halvorsen's pieces - and hoping you or TinWhistle might know. :)

If all else fails, we could ascribe it to Dennis McCarthy, who was the composer on the "Elementary, Dear Data" episode.
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