two minecrafts on one pc
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A question about Minecraft: I would like to have a vanilla (= modfree) installation of Minecraft and a modded one side by side on my (win7) computer. This seems to be a rather complicated way to do this. Would somebody know an easier one?

(I don't want to run them side by side, I just want to have them both installed.)

I know I could use a virtual machine, but I'm looking for an even more simple (and less hardware demanding) way.
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It looks like a fair amount of initial setup is involved, but check into the Minecraft Mod Manager and related utilities.

There are a couple different implementations out there for selecting which mods to load at startup with slightly different structures, but I haven't been playing recently so am unfamiliar with the current state of mod managers.
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Hmm. My minecraft is "installed" to just a regular folder on my desktop. I haven't tried it but I wouldn't be surprised if I could copy it all to a 2nd folder and install mods on that one?
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I have several copies of minecraft.jar in a single folder. There's the main vanilla one [main.minecraft.jar], a nandonalts mod one [treesandbees.minecraft.jar] and a few others. I just copy the one I want to play into the same folder, which becomes "Copy of [name].jar" and rename it to minecraft.jar when I want to play. Then when I'm done playing, I just delete minecraft.jar ready for the next time I want to play.

The only issue I ever had was playing a "modded" world with an unmodded copy of minecraft.jar. It still worked, but things from the mod were a bit crazy.
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Response by poster: Thanks all!

I've tried Solomon's solution but then all hell broke loose, maybe because my mods also require changing the contents of some folders (Mo'Creatures etc). I'll give bookdragoness's idea a try later. Or wait until the mod-API is released.
Thanks again.
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