Dry Bachelor Party Ideas?
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First time groomsman trying to put together plans for a bachelor party. What's a fun idea when some of the other guys are under 21 and the groom doesn't really drink anyway? He's a little socially awkward—even with us—and I want to make sure he has a great time.
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A paintball party is a popular choice.
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How about something active, like getting a group together for paintball or laser tag? Drinks aren't required, and neither is awkward conversation.
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One of the best bachelor party ideas that I've ever heard of was when my friend organized one where all the groomsmen did one of those adventure races. They did the Tough Mudder, but there's also Warrior Dashes and other 5-10 mile obstacle-course-style races where the focus is the obstacles and teamwork and less about the race. And there's dirt and beer, but mostly dirt.
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Yeah, depending on where you are and your budget:
Gun Range
Paintball/Laser Tag
Dune Bashing (real life go-karts on sand dunes!)
Race Track with real cars
Deep Sea/River fishing
Camping/Hiking weekend
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What does the groom like to do for fun normally? What does the group of friends attending like to do for fun normally?
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My guess would be something that involves meat (steak dinner?) and perhaps video games - if the groom has an interest in them.
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paintball can leave bruises that last a while.. How close is party to wedding ?
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A fishing and/or camping weekend would probably hit the spot.
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Response by poster: What does the groom like to do for fun normally? What does the group of friends attending like to do for fun normally?

Tough call. He moved after graduation and I haven't seen much of him in the past few years. A few of us used to live together—played a lot of games then, but we already talked about it and want to go out and actually do something.

I think the laser tag idea might go over well (and there's actually a course attached to bowling lanes near the wedding, so twofer). I'll pass that around, and if it doesn't fly there are a few other good ideas here I can try.

Thanks for the ideas, all! Appreciate it.
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Scavenger hunt?
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Rock climbing is another option - A lot of fitness centers have impressive combing walls, at least in this area. A friend of mine had a mellow bachelor party that started with rock climbing and ended with a nice dinner.
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Baseball/karaoke? Both more fun with alcohol, admittedly.
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For my bachelor party, we went to Dave & Busters. It's basically an arcade that you can eat and drink in - if you so choose. I wasn't really a drinker as were some of my friends, but people who wanted to could - I had a couple rum and cokes.
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Minigolf. But that's my answer to every question about get-togethers. Skill isn't necessary, everyone can laugh at the game.
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A backpacking hike somewhere scenic for a long weekend is pretty good. The main feature of this is that it gets the groom out of contact of civilization with his buds for a few days, allowing unrestricted venting and carousing. After a night of fun the groom does not return to the apt where the bride also lives, but unlike going to Vegas it doesn't look like that's the point.
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chiming in to say that the group activity (mini golf, hiking, climbing, laser tag, etc...) are where you should go with this. My husband and his buddies went off on an all-day mountain bike excursion for his bachelor party, then stopped on the way back for pizza, pool and darts. It sounded like an awesome time.
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