Proofreading at Scholastic NYC
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Has anyone been a temporary proofreader for scholastic in nyc? I'm being offered an assignment proofreading high school science texts. If anyone has any knowledge of the culture, the work environment, the opportunities - or just stories of your experiences - do share.
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I know people who've worked there and they love it. Good culture, you're not overworked, etc. I don't know about the specific position you're talking about though.
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My wife started as a temp and was eventually hired at Scholastic, but not as a proofreader or editorial person. She worked there for several years until she was laid off with a bunch of other people just before we had a kid. They do what every other big company does - when times are good they grow, then when there's a downturn they lay people off; their new media businesses seem more vulnerable to this, some businesses they run seem very stable.

The climate there varies widely with who you're working for and what department you're in, some areas are very 9-5 and organized and chill and some areas are vastly overworked and mismanaged.

All in all, she liked the company fine. The quality of her daily work life depended almost entirely on who she was working for, and that changed pretty often in her area. I talked with a lot of her coworkers when they went to conferences, and my impression was that it's a big enough place that it's kind of hard to generalize.
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I have. I'll send you a PM.
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Response by poster: Thank you sweetkid, mullicious and zerbinetta, you've all given me different perspectives on the opportunity. I know not to expect a long-term relationship to form, but i might make new contacts and find new opportunities that way. I like the sound of it. I'll let you know what it's like if I start. Thank you!
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