Where do I send this form?
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What is the mailing address for VA burial benefits forms?

I've called the 800 number for help but they don't answer. They never answer. The website is no help at all. One can easily find the right form to download, but it does not tell you where to send them. I wrongly assumed this must be a frequent need - if so, it's not in the FAQ, or not the one I saw.

The form I need to send is VA 21-530. It has detailed instructions but those instructions do not include a mailing address.

Thanks in advance.
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When I looked at the form, item 11 on the instructions said that the completed application should be sent to the VA Regional Office in your state. They also listed a URL for finding the offices:


I went to that URL and searched my zip code and selected benefits office as the type. It gave me a list of the closest regional offices. Each one had a different phone number so you can call the particular office directly to confirm that they will process the form.
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Ack, I take that partly back, the regional offices all list the same 800 number. But the form was still clear that the regional offices are where it's supposed to go.
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There is no item 11 in the instructions on my copy of the form. Maybe it is a new addition.
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Here is the version I was looking at.
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Thank you much, NormieP!
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