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A quick question regarding tipping in Mexico City.

I checked into the Hilton Reforma in Mexico City and tipped the cab and the nice person that took my bags to my room. Skip to my wireless not working and I go down for a cable. Lady at a 'journey concierge' type desk escorts me to the busines center where another nice lady gives me the cable. Keep in mind that these two were very professional, very well dressed, etc. I appreciated the service, but fell short of giving them a cash tip. It would have felt awkward. I know I should know this by now but I have not traveled much in recent years and I am rusty. Thanks for any thoughts and pleased be assured that I will rectify the situation if warranted.
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I'm not sure if Mexico City is equivalent to the smaller town where I've spent some time. If so, tipping anyone doing service work or menial labor a couple of pesos (less than a dollar) is appropriate.
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Mexican here. I think you did right. The concierges are salaried employees, and they were doing their job.

You don't have to tip everybody you encounter. For example, besides waiters, I tip kids who bag my groceries in the supermarket and people (often, old men) who help me carry it from there to my car. They don't receive any salary and they must do physical work to get some money.
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Forgot to add: Mexico City is more expensive than small towns. Many people must travel at least 1 hour to get to their workplaces. 2 pesos is, in my opinion, a very small tip.

I tip at least 10 pesos, depending on the service: grocery bagger or gas station attendant: 10 pesos, more if it's late at night. Man who helped us yesterday getting our groceries in the car and stamping the parking ticket we forgot in the car: 30 pesos.
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