Confirmed bachelors with more female friends than male?
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What fictional male characters are confirmed bachelors with many female friends and few male friends? I'm especially interested in stories set before 1950.

I'm doing research on a historical figure who was a confirmed bachelor with many female friends but almost no male friends. For comparative purposes, I'd like to find examples of men from the early 20th century and earlier who live in this manner. I'm not opposed to stories where these men are gay, but I'm more interested in straight examples. I'm not opposed to real life examples, but I'm more interested in examples from fiction.
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Belvedere by Gwen Davenport and its subsequent movies and tv series spring to mind...
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Georgie, from Benson's "Lucia" series, fits the bill for much of the series... although eventually he does marry Lucia, it's pretty clear that this is only a marriage for convenience, and they don't have a sexual relationship. Lucia wikipedia
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I don't know what you mean by "almost no" when it comes to male friends. But it sounds like you're talking about Archie Goodwin. In terms of male friends, there's a group of four guys he plays poker with (and often works with), and there's Fritz Brenner. In terms of female friends, well, nearly every story brings at least one new one, and often more than one.
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He's from the 60's and 70's, but your description immediately reminded me of Travis McGee.
In the novels, he only has one real male friend - Meyer - but seems to have an endless supply of women.
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Maybe P.G. Wodehouse's Bernie Wooster?
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Bertie Wooster belonged to several young gentlemen's clubs where he went to escape his aunts, the nephew crushers, and was often "helping" his young men friends either to get married or escape marriage. Or both, but he was always trying to escape the marriage plans of the women around him for him.

I thought of Benson's Georgie, right off, too, who lasts a few books before being paired off. Most of the straight literary characters I can think of are also paired off at the end (e.g. Wickham in Pride and Prejudice who enjoys and pushes the flirtations until he goes too far and is forced to marry). I assume you are looking for folks who remain single through the whole book or set of books?
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