That one site that does the things with the thingees.
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What's that website (blog?) where the editors make mixtapes/playlists from somewhat slightly quirky requests?

I'm in search of a particular song and I KNOW I heard it on this site a few months ago. Alas, I didn't bookmark the site & no amount of searching has helped.

The site was based on the editors making playlists/mixtapes for people based on requests like, "My Boyfriend likes Peanut Butter," "Songs about Airplane Travel for My Road Trip" or "Indie Songs because She Just Wants to be Friends."

Those aren't actual requests but they were along those lines.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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Best answer: Is it Tiny Mix Tapes?
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Response by poster: Bless your heart, bibliowench, it sure is! Thank you so much!

Now how come *I* couldn't find it!?
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If you want to spend hours digging through, Uplister did this earlier, but the site died in the Great Internet Bust. More fun: a Wired writer finds Uplister coasters and other old DotCom schwag from the boom.
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