Empirical and theoretical psychotherapy?
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Contemporary psychotherapists who have popularized their empirically-tested theoretical contributions? Examples: David Burns, Eugene Gendlin, Joseph Weiss.

By contemporary I mean people who are still researching and practicing or who have colleagues or one-time students who are still researching and practicing.

I'm looking for a PhD advisor in clinical or counseling psych (APA accredited) who has funding for a grad student and who is sympathetic to (or who is actively working on) empirically testing and (ultimately) popularizing philosophical and theoretical contributions (and refinements) to psychotherapy and self-help.

My main interest is in empirically-validated psychodynamic and experiential work (e.g. Weiss and Gendlin) but I have a lot of respect for CBT, DBT, etc., and I'm guessing those latter acronyms are where most of the money is these days.

(I'm currently tracking down references to the work of people mentioned above, following the citations forward in time, and then looking to see who's publishing regularly, and then looking for them in grant databases, but it's slow going. I'm setting up meetings with some professors, too, to see if they can point me to likely programs and save me some time.)
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Ned Hallowell.
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Marsha Linehan (founder of DBT) has an active research program. DBT itself is a really interesting mix of "manualized" therapy with elements of eastern philosophy and also some psychodynamic elements thrown into the mix.

There are TONS of programs with active CBT training and research programs. The University of Texas at Austin and The Anxiety Research and Treatment Program are two I can think of offhand.
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John Gottman.
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Kelly Wilson at Ole Miss and/or Steven Hayes, at Univ of Nevada, Reno both of whom are interested in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
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Edna Foa (UPENN) and David Barlow (BU) take students and are huge names in empirically validated treatment, but they are probably a little too CBT for your tastes. Good luck finding someone who is both psychodynamic and interested in empirically validated treatments.

My only other comment is that I've heard some nutso things about working in Marsha Linehan's lab.
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