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Do you think your Philly-based shrink is the best? I need to hear it. Must take Magellan insurance, and west of Broad is a major plus. Probably-unnecessary details inside.

I need to make an appointment with a therapist/psychologist/shrink of some kind at my SO's "request".

Two very brief experiences with clinical psychology in the past: once when I was a young teenager and again after a tough breakup between college semesters. I don't think I went to either more than a few times. Didn't really care for the most recent guy (looked like Odo with a beard), and of course I didn't choose the first guy, so I figured I'd ask for recommendations this time.

I guess I suffer from ennui-ish depression, maybe some anxiety for spice: got married relatively recently and the adjustment could be going better; have a solid job but no real "career" plan. Basically, I tend to withdraw too much, so the wife thinks I should at least talk to someone. (Or at least, that's my guess.)

We won't be coming in together, but someone who also deals with marital counseling would be nice.

A group practice, where someone in the group has prescription privileges, might end up being helpful. (Never been on psych meds before though.)

For convenience's sake, I'm hoping to find someone in the Rittenhouse-ish area of Center City who takes appointments on evenings or weekends. For money's sake, they need to be able to take Magellan behavioral insurance.

Throwaway e-mail address:
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Try Randi Platt at Hornstein, Platt & Associates -- they're on 17th between Spruce and Locust, and they take Magellan.
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Try Harmony Health at 24th and Chestnut. They have several counselors and med docs. The counselor I used was easy to talk to and actually gave some decent advice (which most won't) - Karen Kevershley (sp) and the med doc was ok, but can't remember his name.
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I don't know if they take Magellan, but I had very good luck with Penn Behavioral Health. I saw a resident there, Donovan Maust, who was very good. They do both medication and talk therapy, and work with just about every population.
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