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Name-that-children's-book-filter: I read it probably in the early '90s, and all I remember is the protagonist used a computer keyboard to do things, e.g., pressing the "escape" key to escape a dangerous situation.

I think the main character was a girl, and *maybe* she had siblings involved in the action, but that could be totally wrong. For another example of the computer (which may or may not have been the focus of the book), she used the "Alt" key to alter something that was attacking her. It seems like she was able to carry the keyboard around with her (so it wasn't a desktop computer). I also seem to remember a scene (perhaps the climax) where she was fighting/trying to escape a monster in the ocean -- again, that might be a mis-remembering.

I was probably in junior high when I read it, if that helps narrow down the age-range of the book's expected audience. Last time I tried to track it down, I found that I was confusing it with the Cam Jansen books (unless it is one of them), so maybe there's a connection there?
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Could be the "young wizards" series by Diane Duane? The second book has the escaping the sea monster climax, and the third book focuses on her younger sister dairine as she uses a computer wizard manual to visit different worlds. I'm on my phone, or I would link for you.
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Could it be one of Gillian Cross's Demon Headmaster series - possibly The Demon Headmaster and the Prime Minister's Brain? It's a long time since I read it but it's about a computer game enslaving a school, apart from our heroine, Dinah, her brothers and her club, SPLAT. Have to say I don't remember the computers being portable though or the ocean scene.
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I agree with Mimzy that it sounds like you could want a book from what is now known as the Young Wizard series (I knew it, back in the 90s, as "So You Want to Be a Wizard?" after the name of the first book).

The one that I'm thinking of is Deep Wizardry. I promise that the bratty younger sister spends a lot more time with the computer than that summary makes it look like.

If these details aren't enough, I'm quite sure the series (yep, by Diane Duane) is at your local library if you'd like to take a peek.
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Response by poster: None of those sounds familiar, but the name "Kit" in the Young Wizard books seems to ring a very small bell...I'll browse through those when I get a chance to hit the library, thanks! In the meantime, if anybody else has other ideas...
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Is it possible you're getting two books mixed up? Deep Wizardry involves Nita fighting a monster deep in the ocean at the climatic end; High Wizardry involves the younger sister running around the universe, using her computer to escape from aliens.
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