contact lense mix up
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I have Ciba vision Air Optix Aqua 1 month disposable contact lenses and have mixed them up. I use -1.75 for my left eye and -1.50 for my right, 8.6/14.20 size. On the actual lens of one of them it says "CIBA x647" and on the other "CIBA x648", which lens is for which eye?
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Call the prescriber or dispensary and ask them.
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I can't. Thanks for stating the obvious.
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When you say you've mixed them up, do you mean you've mixed up two individual lenses, or you've mixed up all the lenses in your packages together?

If it's the former, put them in, and you'll know something is "off" if they're in the wrong eyes. If you've got a big box of mixed lenses... I'd recommend calling Ciba's Patient Relations department (1.800.875.3001) since you apparently can't contact the prescriber.

Also, "the obvious" isn't always obvious to OPs every time. Don't hate on someone for stating the most obvious answer, since you didn't offer it.
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Just two lenses I've been wearing and mixed up. I just need to know if x647 is -1.5 or -1.75 etc. I've put them in and there's little difference. Is there a UK number?
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You can email CIBA UK via web form here.
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Go ahead and call the UK number, but be advised that it could take a couple of hours for the "wrongness" to set in. Of course, you could have them in the correct eyes right now, in which case, you're fine.
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If they are the same diameter and curve, which is what makes the thing fit on your eye the right way, I don't think you'll really hurt your eyes wearing the wrong prescription in each eye. Of course IANAD, so I would give your MD a call, but if you can't tell the difference based on your vision, there's probably no ill effects. (I say this based on switching prescriptions within the range you're describing, KEEPING the CURVE and DIAMETER the SAME, and there is really not a big difference.)
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Hi there! I'm hoping you've found your answer but just in case:

I also wear Air Optix Aqua (though currently only in one eye). My prescription is much worse (-4.50) than yours. Nonetheless, I can tell you than my contact says "CIBA 659" on it. There's no X, but that could just mean that I get the Asian version of the contacts (my container has Asian characters on it) and you get the European one.

Drawing the conclusion (backed up, I hope, by the CIBA people when they respond to you) that the higher number means that it's for a higher level of correction, I'd say that the x647 is -1.5 and the x648 is -1.75.

Do update, as now I'm curious!
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I filled out the UK form in the link above to Ciba Vision, I'll post the reply...if
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There is a slight difference but it's difficult to tell sometimes because I have a tiny amount of astigmatism, so I get a tiny amount of blurring from the astigmatism anyway, even when worn correctly.
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