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What's up with Wikipedia in my Google Chrome?

For some completely unknown reason for the past couple of days Wikipedia hasn't been showing most of its content/formatting in Google Chrome. It works fine in Internet Explorer. I've tried reinstalling Chrome to no avail. Screenshot here.

Every other site seems to be absolutely fine, it's just Wikipedia that's playing up. I'm running Windows 7. PLEASE HELP ME.
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Have you tried pressing ctrl+f5? That should force a full refresh, and reload the style-sheet.

If that doesn't work, try empying your cache: ctrl+shift+del, choose "from the beginning of time" and only check "empty the cache".
posted by Blorg at 3:11 AM on July 18, 2011

Any extensions installed?
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Like Blorg says, that looks like a style sheet not loading properly. Try hitting CTRL-F5 to reload all the content.

Failing that, try [wrench]->options->developer tools->network and then press CTRL-F5 again and see if any of the content is failing to load.
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How odd, I had that exact same problem yesterday. Also Chrome on Windows 7. Forced refresh fixed it for me though.
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The full refresh didn't work, but emptying the cache did. Many thanks.
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Relatively sure this is not (originally) caused by your client, but by WP's software/servers. I've seen an abnormal number of errors and missing CSS over the past few weeks on Wikipedia, so I'd guess your browser cached a foobared version of CSS.
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