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Just got a 2nd hand Palm OS 4.1 PDA. I'm aware of other threads on this topic - but could you clue me into indispensible/wierd/cool software/resources for Pam OS 4.1? [+]

It's more of a toy than an "productivity enhancement" although I would be using the calculator/timer function around the lab.

- Any must-have/cool/wierd software suggestions?
- Good places for (free?) software?
- Is it too much to ask for a MAME-like emulator that'll run on OS 4.1?
- Best ebook reader?
- Any timer better than BigClock?

Thanks, all!
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Go to Versiontracker and do some huntin'. You should be able to find just about anything there.

As for "can't live without it" software, Vindigo would be my pick.
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Best answer: it's been years since i used a palm pilot, but one of my favorite sites was (http://www.freewarepalm.com/). the url is self-explanatory.

my software picks?

documents to go - allows you to read or compose microsoft word and excel-compatible documents
thinkDB - excellent database application
hackmaster(?) with the afterburner extension - afterburner is a plugin that allows you to over- or under-clock the PDA. i used it to underclock and save battery life.
spacetrader - kickass game :)

don't remember anything else.
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Best answer: I'm still using a PalmOS 4.1 device, but it's been more than a year since I've been anything like up-to-date about what's available.

Graffiti sux. FitalyStamp (commercial) rocks. (There are some other stylus-touchpad input apps, at least one of which is free.)

DateBk5 (commercial) is a calendar replacement that allows much better integration with the phone book and to do list.

I'm paranoid, so I like having TealLock (commercial) keep people out of the device, and Top Secret to encrypt sensitive data (but if I were doing it over, I'd make sure I was using an encryption app with a desktop equivalent.)

I've settled on Life Balance as the most full-featured/least annoying organizer for how I want to use one, but it's pricey. Progect is pretty cool, and it's free.

Frobnitz is freeware that lets you play interactive fiction games on your Palm.

HandyShopper 2 is good for all sorts of lists (and can even be used as a sort of lightweight db.)

EasyCalc is a heck of a lot of calculator.

Filez is a good file manager.

Launcher III is an application launcher that's much better than the built-in.

MAME is a lot to ask for, but several arcade classics have been ported to the Palm. I recommended free Palm games here.

Most of my software browsing has been on freewarepalm.com and palmgear.com.

have fun.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys!
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oh, i totally forgot two:

for ebooks, if they are PDFs then check adobe.com; i think they have a palm port of acrobat or whatever it's called.
if your ebooks are in TXT or DOC format, nothing i've used beat iSilo. IIRC, it has autoscroll features and resizable text and everything.

and if you're a student, due yesterday should help you keep track of your assignments and grades and can calculate your current GPA on the fly if you have everything set up correctly.
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Best answer: DateBk5 seconded (the only Palm app I've bought)
BigClock (free) you've noted already
Plucker (free) reader for ebooks, has free desktop html converter (10,000 books from Project Gutenburg for a start)
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Response by poster: anadem - yeah! I was doing some searching on my own and ran into Plucker. Damn fine reader - and an integrated desktop converter is a fantastic idea.

Having trouble converting txt files, though - but working on it.

Another gem I ran into was iRogue. Worth the price of the PDA alone =D
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